Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recruiting 2014---- Quai Jefferson II

Andrew Mills image
UMass commit WR Quai Jefferson gets the featured image in a  game against St. Peters Prep.

Jefferson has a 16.75 yards-per-catch average and a 14.5 yards-per-rush average.

He gets a mention in the report on a game in September.

St. Joseph's is ranked # 8 in the nation in HS football.



Anonymous said...

tough to see the progress....
2013 umass 0 wisconsin 45
2013 umass 7 kansas state 37 molnar
2013 umass 13 maine 24 molnar
2012 umass 0 uconn 37 molnar
2012 umass 13 michigan 63 molnar
2012 umass 0 northern Illinois 63 molnar
2011 umass 17 bc 45 morris
2010 umass 37 michigan 42 morris
2009 umass 17 kansas state 21 morris
2008 umass 14 texas tech 56 don brown
2007 umass 14 bc 24 don brown
2006 umass 20 navy 21 don brown
2005 umass 27 army 34 don brown

Anonymous said...

from top Umass,

I have Heard Quai has flipped to Delaware from several of his high school teammates. He officialed there during the season.

Anonymous said...

Would Don Brown come back and be the head coach? He always wanted to be a head coach in Division 1. I would say yes bring him back pending he doesn't hire any of the old staff. By old staff I mean the Kevin Morris staff, they had a shot and had way more talent then Molnar handed to them and crushed the program.