Saturday, October 05, 2013

Game Day--Bowling Green

UPDATE: After one quarter, another great effort by the UMass defense. Three sacks and four punts forced.

UPDATE II: Only Jamal Wilson is playing offense for UMass. He has 91 yards rushing. Outside of Wilson, not much. UMass is 0-6 on third downs. Doyle is 3-13 for 14 yards. A big drop by Tajae Sharpe. The Minutemen defense was on the field for 19.40 of the first half...

UPDATE III: The Minutemen defense still battling. Wegzyn is in and is supplying some spark. He just threw a TD to Sharpe.

UPDATE IV: I'll have more to say tomorrow, but another game where the defense did all you could ask. Our fourth string RB rang up 119 yards rushing (6.0 yards per carry). Again, it was the Minutemen QB's who did not produce. Doyle and Wegzyn went collectively 11-25-96 3.8 yards/attempt 1 TD 1 INT.


Well, the Minutemen's schedule does not get appreciably easier in the first MAC game. Bowling Green is 4-1 with wins over Tulsa, Murray State, Kent State and Akron. The Falcons did give up 609 total yards of offense to Indiana. The Hoosiers held Bowling Green to 3 offensive points.

Bowling Green's impressive opening win against Tulsa is hard to interpret as the Hurricanes are 1-3 so far in 2013, but Tulsa's other losses have been to Oklahoma and Iowa State.

The game will be available on ESPN3.

As I said Thursday, the UMass defense played Bowling Green strong last year. This year we hope to see some progress from the Minutemen offense. UMass had just 6 first downs and two of those were by penalty. Better quarterback play and an ability to throw the ball would make for a better contest.

After today, UMass should be competitive in six of the final seven games. A good showing today would help jump start the rest of the conference schedule.

Come 3:30, I'll be in front of the computer wearing my UMass gear.

Go UMass!!!


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50% chance of thunder storms in Bowling Green.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- previews today's MAC conference games.

NIU takes on Kent State in a rematch of last year's MAC title game.


Wisconsin has a bye week.

Vanderbilt gets Missouri.

Kansas State plays Oklahoma State.

Maine hosts Delaware.



Anonymous said...

When will everyone realize that Molnar was a 28 year assistant for a reason. Stop it already, the man did not call plays at ND, or any other program while riding Kelly's coat tail. If he was such a great play caller,explain Our Offenses performance!

Anonymous said...

Update #5 We have no playmakers on special teams or in our wide receiver ranks. Meanwhile Bowling Green, running back, Pierce, a freshman, was a playmaker, true breakaway speed. Why can't we recruit players like him? Our receivers would make Tom Brady look like a bum. Recruit some speed please.

Nes said...

Well we now know Maine is something very special and BGSU is for real. The other losses were unavoidable. So let's win one or two and give else kids some hope. All other comments reserved until end of season.

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

I'm confused as to why you didn't include my comment about yesterday's game. I gave credit to the defense for their effort and was critical of the coach's efforts and ability on offense. No more so than todays comments. And yet, you did not post.

I am a long time follower of this blog and even contributed a few photos a number of years ago. I am curious as to why my comments are no longer being allowed to appear.

TopUMassFan said...


My apology to you. I see my post was added to Friday's entries, not Saturday's. Please disregard my post of earlier today.



UMass74 said...

I rarely moderate comments except for pissy one-liners that have no information content or posts that I think are just designed to hurt the program.

Blogger has a auto-spam filter that occasionally routes perfectly fine comments to spam folder. If your comment was sane and reasonable and did not appear, it may have ended up there. Notify me and I can sometimes retrieve it.