Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday--October 13, 2013

Justin Anderson

First. I want to congratulate the UMass players. Did you see how happy they were? Losing is tough on fans, it's even worse on players. All that work and nothing to show for it. May they have many more wins in their future.

The game itself, was an eerie copy of last year's win over Akron. The Minutemen have won two games in FBS and the defense has won them both. The UMass "D" held the Red Hawks to 290 total yards and 1-11 in the third downs as well as 1-3 in fourth downs. Like Joey Colton's INT last year against Akron, Khary Bailey-Smith's second INT against Austin Boucher sealed the game. The third straight gutsy game by UMass' defense won the day.

Take a bow UMass fans! Remember all the media coverage of the attendance at Gillette? Think there will be any mention on how good the turnout has been given the fact UMass is 2-17 over the last two years?

Band Day attendance:

  • 2010 McGuirk 12, 121
  • 2011 McGuirk 11, 736
  • 2013 Gillette 21,707

If we start to win, I stand by my belief UMass can draw 30,000 to Gillette.

There were a couple of shadows on the win. The UMass offense struggled against the weakest FBS defense on the planet. A.J.Doyle threw two INT's one of them stopping a scoring drive on the opening possession. Blanchflower's wining TD came on what should have been a third INT. We again were out punted by a substantial margin 47.6 to 34.8 AVE. We went 1-3 on field goals.

Inside the 40, we need to think about banging Jamal Wilson into the line four straight times...

And can we please keep Justin Anderson in the Game? He stopped Miami all by himself on one series and then promptly spent nearly the rest of the first half on the sidelines. Play that kid every down!


Miami's write-up on the game.

Notes, quotes and video from the UMass website.

The Republican Sports desk says UMass defeats Miami 17-10.

Dan Malone has Khary Baily-Smith helps UMass win the day. BTW, I thought the ejection on Anton Tharpe was bogus. They replay showed he hit the Miami receiver in the shoulder.

I stand corrected. I try to write my impressions of the game before reading the press reports. Dan Malone comments on 2013's attendance at Gillette.

The Gazette has Khary Bailey-Smith has a career day vs Miami.

Matty Vautour says UMass savors its first Gillette win.

The Boston Globe reports UMass gets first win.

The Boston Herald said it was reason to celebrate.

The UMass Daily Collegian said the opportunistic Minutemen sealed the victory.


BC lost to Clemson.

UConn lost to UCF to go 0-6.

Wisconsin crushed #19 Northwestern 35-6.

Kansas State fell to Baylor 35-25.

Bowling Green lost by one to Mississippi State.


All the MAC scores and stats.


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Anonymous said...

I agree on your overview of the game. I also agree about the poor play calling. Throwing into a crowded end zone on 3rd and two.Success in running the ball could have gotten the first down and not end it with a missed field goal. I also agree about Anderson, but don't forget Byrne and Clemons. Why does Solazzo keep them on the sidelines while the opposition is marching down the field? Anderson made those tackles because the rest of the line was doing their job pushing the OLine back and collapsing the pocket, leaving him alone to get inside. I understand the Dline can not play every down because it is the most physical aspect of the game, but I do not understand why he had a couple of players in there together when they looked obviously confused on where to line up right up until the snap. Trying to keep positive because the boys won a well deserved victory. We still have a long way to go and it starts with the coaches. Let's hope they fix their mistakes before Buffalo and we can sneak a win in out there.