Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday--October 11, 2013

Dan Malone says Miami of Ohio could be UMass' last, best chance for a win.

The Boston Globe says UMass looks to start and end strong.

The Boston Herald asks "Home Sweet Home?"

MAC Report Online says a "precious" win is on the line.

Hustle Belt likes it as "The Brawl for the Basement".

CBS Local reports Coach Molnar hopes A.J. Doyle makes the next step forward.

Jimmy Kelly says someone has to win.


Tomorrow's game against Miami is a watershed of sorts. The Minutemen defense has looked good in spots this year. Despite the almost mind-boggling amount of time the "D" has spend on the field, UMass is giving up almost 9 points a game less than last year. There have been no 63 point games by the opposition. Hopefully, the defense will come to play tomorrow.

The offense however, has been flat awful. The only positives have been a couple of good games by a UMass running back. But even there, it hasn't been a running  "offense" like during the days of Hernandez and Griffin.

Our QB efficiency is so low it doesn't even show in the MAC's statistics page. Our best receiver, TE Rob Blanchflower has missed most of the season. Even when available, I don't think he had a catch in the first half last week. There has been no yards after catch from the other receivers. We've dropped balls that would keep drives alive.

I don't know if the coaching change and the abandonment of the option with energize Miami's offense, but their defense is still the same. If the Minutemen offense can't do it against the Miami "D" then they can't do it at all.


Buffalo's Freddie Lee has a full plate.

EMU-Army could be the second game of the season to cause a MAC coach to be fired.

The MAC Blogger round table is back.


Newsday opines Victor Cruz is excelling despite the Giants 0-5 start.



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Inside scoop!!!!You will be seeing Byrne playing tomorrow.

izy1 said...

BULLSEYE Frank. I am sure everyone will agree

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Charley- Win or you understand?

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I enjoyed seeing my son over joyed with his team mates after the win, great job guys!