Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recruiting 2015 -- Bradley Mayes

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Tampa Bay Times reports UMass has offered to Bradley Mayes, a 6-2 180 pound sophomore QB from Berkley Prep in FL.

Tampa Bay Times article here.

Rivals page here.

This June 2012 article features Mayes.

Mayes is receiving interest from Florida, Florida State, Maryland, South Florida, Tulane, Vandy and Virginia amoung FBS schools.


Anonymous said...

molnar is laughing stock. Ya this kid is coming to Umass. They haven't won a game. Great recruiting Chsrlie.

Anonymous said...

Coach Molnar is an extremely good coach, forget fooball for a minute...he have them going to class each and every day.

Gregg Clements said...

First Anonymous,

Well said. Your UConn-vict training has done you well.

UMass hasn't won a game? What? You're kidding. How did you find that out? Thanks so much for that insight. I knew I should have gone to UConn-vict!!

Go to your tutor and finish Cat in the Hat.

Gregg Clements
CL 7, Row 5, Seats 13-16