Saturday, October 20, 2012

Game Day-- Bowling Green

Well, the weather is improving. It's already 61 degrees here in Jaffrey and the Gillette weather says showers this morning and partly sunny with a high of 75 by this afternoon!

Despite the non-threatening name, Bowling Green is a solid club. The Falcons have held four of the teams they played to 13 points or under. They held Florida to 14 first downs and 365 total yards in the the Swamp. That's pretty impressive!

The Falcons definitively have more and bigger athletes than UMass does in our first year in FBS. But so did Ohio and Miami (Ohio) and we gave them a good game.

Come out on Homecoming and cheer for the Minutemen. One of these games we're going to break through and you'll want to be able to say "Hell, I was there!"

Go UMass!!!

MassLIve says undermanned UMass gets ready to face red-hot Bowling Green.

The Boston Herald says rested UMass looks to upset the Falcons.

Harry Plumer runs NCAA13 and gets a 34-0 Bowling Green simulation.

The UMass Daily Collegian states a nine-day Homecoming event kicks off today.

The Toledo Blade says Bowling Green believes UMass is better than its record.

The Sentinel-Tribune says the Falcons can't look past UMass.


The MAB Blog "Hustle Belt" previews the league games for Week #8.

Akron Sports Now looks at this week in the MAC.


The best game in the MAC should be 6-1 Toledo against undefeated Cincinnati tonight at 7:00.


The Wall Street Journal says Boise State continues to unnerve the college football establishment.


UConn's season continues to suck as the Huskies lost 40-10 to Syracuse last night.

Boston College is also in a challenging situation against Georgia Tech today.


In other college football news "Hokies hope to get Wang back in time for Tigers"



Anonymous said...

Trying to stay positive but today was very very very difficult. it seems like we are regressing on offense and it's very frustrating to watch. Anyway I did buy a kickass Umass football jersey.

Gregg Clements
CL 7 Row 5 Seats 13-16

UMass74 said...

Great minds think alike. I bought a cool UMass football shirt also.

For those who haven't been going to the games, the UMass souvenir store has some really nice UMass gear this year.