Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday--October 7th, 2012

Prior to the season, Phil Steele (and most other pundits) had Western Michigan as the top team in the MAC West and perhaps the entire MAC. They showed that yesterday. We just got crushed on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Our front seven on defense was not competitive with the Broncos in any manner.

In addition, anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. An eighty-two yard punt. Bob Blanchflower DNP. An inadvertent whistle probably stopped a UMass TD.

UMass had a significant talent gap on both sides of the ball. We have some excellent players, but we need more bodies and speed to run with BCS teams and the top level of the MAC.

Ten of the thirteen verbals listed on on UMass' ESPN recruiting page are offensive linemen, defensive linemen and linebackers. It's no secret what the Minutemen need. We'll just have to keep following the recruiting news and wait for them to get here.

Anyway, we have a week to recover.


Matty V. says the Broncos routed the Minutemen. Four key players DNP.

 Actually, after reading Matty's article, I feel a little better. I noticed there were a lot of new faces in the UMass lineup. We just don't have the depth to play without our regulars. Kudos to Coach Molnar to have the courage of his convictions about academics. Most people will not look past the score, but APR and education should be a goal of UMass football as well as wins and losses.

Harry Plumer has another story on "the coaches decision".

The South Bend Tribune says Western Michigan ripped UMass.

The Boston Globe says UMass falls flat.

MassLive said UMass took a massive step back.

MLive said Western Michigan ran past UMass 52-14.


Misery loves company dept.

Army, who was held to 3 points by FCS Stony Brook, rang up 516 yards rushing to keep Boston College winless in FBS.

UConn lost to Rutgers 19-3. The biggest fight was off the field between Lyle Mcomb and his girlfriend and the police.



Anonymous said...

You assessed our situation well. We need quickness and size up front, and while I like this team, it is clear that Molnar fully realized the gravity of just how many challenges the team would face this year in his comments about playing FBS football with FCS players. I like Molnar, but I believe he was over-zealous in trying to rework the offense too dramatically, where clearly the pieces were not all in place to do so. The same problems that affected the defense last season are more glaring a year later.

UMass74 said...

The last three games of 2011, we gave up 741 total rushing yards to FCS teams. An that was with Tyler Holmes.

Everything was screwed up yesterday, because so many of our top players were out. But, we just did not have the speed at LB. We were making tackles, but they were all 10-15 yards down the field.

Only 8 of 24 2012 recruits were on defense. You can see the offense is not that far away. The defense definitively needs more bodies...

Anonymous said...

The defense needs more creativity.. Taking care of assignments are obviously done well by some and poorly by others.. The LB core has been lauded as the backbone of the defense but they are not doing it.. Although there has been limited penetration, the D-line is not being pushed back, and it is giving the LB's the opportunity to make tackles, but as said the LB's are just not fast enough to cover the distance and keep the yardage gained down. Plenty of tackles but only after 5 plus yards have been gained..