Tuesday, October 02, 2012

UMass-Ohio image album

I've put up a image album of the UMass-Ohio game on Picasa. The link is here.

The long focal length and the low light made hand holding a challenge. I left in a couple of images with some significant blur, but it kinda gives the image some feel of action.

Click on the images and Blogger will display a larger view.

Antoine Tharpe goes for the block


Gregg Clements said...

I just read a disturbing article that the administration has no plans to add more seats to McGuirk. How can this be? The contract with Kraft runs through the 2016 season. What happens after that? What if the program is really doing well and another conference would like to add UMass but can't because the stadium is too small? By keeping the seating capacity at 17,000 we are confined to the MAC! Even if we add just 8 to 10 thousand seats we could give ourselves the opportunity to move to another conference. I like the MAC and it's perfect for us now but who knows what conferences will look like in 5 years. No big name program is coming to Amherst to play in front of 17000 fans. I think it's a bad move for the administration to shut the door on stadium expansion. Again, use the time at Gillette to build the program. Get McGuirk up to 25-30 thousand seats and start playing all the home games on campus in 2017. If we get the chance to play a Big Ten or SEC at home then I'm sure we can play at Gillette!

By the way, UMass gets their first win this week.

Gregg Clements
CL 107, Row 5, Seats 13-16

Anonymous said...

1) There were less than 9000 at Gillette
2) Are you gonna write a check for the stadium upgrade

Gregg Clements said...

We have four years to figure out the funding for stadium expansion. It's not costing us anything to play in Foxboro now thanks to the generosity of Mr. Kraft. It seems as though if attendance is poor in Foxboro that gets us back to Amherst after the 2016 season. However, if we start winning and attendance gets up over 20K per game on average then we'll never play another game in Amherst because the stadium is too small and both UMass and Kraft will want to continue the deal (why wouldn't they?).

I have no idea how much it would cost to put an extra 10,000-13,000 seats onto McGuirk or how long it would take to complete a project like that but it has to be done.

When the team gets good we are going to draw more fans in Amherst than Foxboro any way. We need the seating expansion project to start now.

UMass 31 W. Mich 20

Gregg Clements
CL107, Row 5, Seats 13-16

TopUMassFan said...

I agree with Greg, the time is now to start planning/construction on new seats for McQuirk. Bring total seating to 27,000-35,000. Seats in endzones with maybe boxes above the current top row. They can work with existing stadium. There must be some Corporations in that part of the state that would like to have boxes to games on Saturdays.

I also believe we get our first win this weekend. (BTW, to the commentator who said we won't have 9,000 at Gillette, IT'S A ROAD GAME THIS WEEKEND!)

CL 107 ROW 2, SEAT 13