Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday--October 21st, 2012

Well, it was a tale of two different units yesterday. A stellar defensive performance by the Minutemen defense was negated by a UConn-game level result by the offense.

Ball State was expected to be very good on defense---and they were. But, we seemed to have a real bad game by our quarterbacks. Mike Wegzyn was 9-25 with 2 INT's one for a TD. His longest completion was 7 yards. Mike was not close to his receivers all day and nearly had a couple of more picks. He was replaced by A.J. Doyle who did not do any better. We only had 6 first downs and 118 total yards.

The UMass defense was excellent however. Despite being on the field for 35 1/2 minutes, the defense held Bowling Green to 17 points, 16 first downs and 282 total yards. D'Metrius Williams had 3 BKUP's and was all over the place in the first quarter. Kessan Messiah had 16 TT. The Falcons averaged 2.5 yards a carry and punted 8 times. Bowling Green was 4-17 on third downs and should have been 0-2 on fourth down tries.

UMass was on the wrong side of several penalty calls, including one I don't think I've ever seen before--- excessive celebration on a fourth down stop.


Also on the plus side, I thought the UMMB had its best performance of the Anderson era and it was great to see Tom Hannum back directing the UMass percussion section.


UMass' write up on the game.

Bowling Green's take on the game here.

D'Metrius Williams had a great game on the field and had a major thumb failure at halftime.

Matty V. said the offense failed the team.

Harry Plumer says the offense continues to run in reverse.

He also remarks on the play of Williams and Messiah.

The Boston Herald said the offense failed UMass.

The UMass Daily Collegian said UMass couldn't overcome offensive woes.


Under more of the "Misery loves company" dept: Boston College has no defense.

It's a really bad year for New England college football as UMass, Boston College and UConn have a combined 3-18 record against FBS teams.



TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank, I would like to ask a few questions if I may...

1) Where are the students that filled the South endzone at the home opener?

2) What happens if we don't average 18,000 PHG over first two years?

3) What is the status of McQuirk renovations?

I love my seat in CL7 and discovered Toby Keith's after the game but the environment at Gillette is sterile. No energy is felt or generated with 10,000 fans. Even 30,000 would leave stadium half empty. A renovated McQuirk is the best option (in my opinion).

Defense played very well, offense reminded me of UConn game. Would like to see no huddle offense click again like it did against Ohio. Really miss Branchflower and Williams on offense. Will continue to bleed Maroon and White and still think we have atleast two wins in us.

BTW, which shirt did you get? I bought the "1" jersey and really like it.

prof. said...

You can add Holy Cross to that assessment. Harvard is as usual dominating the Ivy. This is as disappointing a year in NE football as I can remember.

We all knew it was going to be a difficult season. But I think that expectations for competitive play and consistent improvement have mostly been wishful thinking, perhaps with the exception of two games. Mr. Molnar should not hesitate to give more opportunities to different players. What is there to lose?

My hope is that UMass will see a victory before the end of next season.

izy1 said...

I have no good comments on that bloodbath.I won't mention my bad ones either.
Lets hope they can get it all together for at least one game.
Still keeping the faith....GO UMASS!

UMass74 said...

1. The students have to pay about $10.00 for the bus and the tickets. UMass picks up the rest of the cost. The students aren't signing up for the trip.

2. Nothing. There is no minimum attendance number. Half the WAC, Sun Belt and MAC do not average 15,000.

Everybody's entitled to their opinion, bu I hope they never go back to McGuirk. Even with the small turnout so far, there are 10 times as many families tailgating as were in Amherst. In Amherst there were 5,000 drunk students milling around and you could have shot deer in the yellow lot.

I love my seats. Every time I go the Gillette, the drive gets easier.

McGuirk is a dump. It's old. It's FCS. It's terrible to get to. It's the past.

3. Renovations start in February 2013.

4. I got the polyester "UMass Football" exercise/ T-shirt.

Anonymous said...

There were people ready to criticize playing at Gillette since the move was announced. The winless (but perhaps expected) start has allowed their voices to be loudest. Winning will shut everyone up (and I say that with all due respect). Just look at basketball last season. I hope we get back to McGuirk as scheduled, but I am enjoying Gillette and McGuirk needs serious work.

-A UMass student

Anonymous said...

No chance we average 18,000 fans a game. That is a complete pipe dream. Umass should realize that this is a failed attempt and the real goal should be getting back on campus ASAP. They might have 2500 fans for the last home game.

prof. said...

I agree with you, Frank. The facilities at McGuirk, for both fans and players, are poor at best. Gillette is far from ideal, but only because it is so far from campus. If we were an established program, attendance would routinely be at three times the current, and few would be complaining about the distance. UMass students are a peculiar bunch. Very little school spirit in what I have observed, seemingly interested in little more than boozing it up. Get behind the team. It's only a matter of time before winning becomes synonymous with the University. But as with anything in life, good things take time, and the process is as much to be enjoyed as winning itself.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted in the UMass alumni, 10,846 at Homecoming!, that's awful, and we wonder why we are considered a second tier school. Where is the Friends of UMass Football? Have they done anything to get the word out?

Anonymous said...

This is not a failed attempt-you need to know why we are playing in Foxboro right now!!It's because we have to while we upgrade McGuirk's locker rooms, press area and bathrooms. No Gillette=no D1.End of story. Have patience with the upgrade,once our stadium is adequat,we will be back in Amherst.

UMass74 said...

So speaks a non-UMass troll.

Go back to BC or UConn.

UMass74 said...

I haven't said this before---and I have only my own feelings as evidence, but I think the UMass powers-that-be are hoping to do a little better than a renovated McGuirk sometime in the future.

If we develop a winning team, I think a new 30,000 seat stadium in Amherst would be a goal.

I think they don't want to mention it because of the automatic push-back by the Croakers-of-Doom who always oppose everything.

A GREAT fundraising stunt would be selling a ticket to throw the switch to the demolition charges attached to McGuirk.

We need to win first. UMass fans keep your heads down and wait. We'll see what shakes in about three years...

prof. said...

Very well put.

Anonymous said...

"demolition charges?" I think a couple of firecrackers and a stiff breeze would knock that dump down! It's really awful, and I saw nothing on the "renovation" plans that will address the fan experience. Fans won't benefit from a new pressbox and locker rooms for the players. This is the most minimalist renovation I've ever heard of.