Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday-- October 28th, 2012

The game was by no means an artistic success for either team. Both teams had eleven penalties and Vanderbilt at one time called a time out after three straight mistakes on one possession.

Again, the Minutemen played well in spurts. The UMass defense battled for most of the day. The turnover on the kick return seemed to take the wind out of the defense's sails.

The UMass offense again struggled. Passing by both Mike Wegzyn and A. J. Doyle was not very accurate. When UMass was able to hit our receivers, we moved the ball. UMass turned the ball over on downs three times at the end of drives near the Vandy Redzone. Both UMass QB's absorbed some heavy hits during the game.

I should say a few good words about Hafis Williams and Michael Cox. I don't know why they didn't get a lot of reps at their former schools, but both continue to play hard. Williams was encouraging his defensive teammates all day.  Cox ran hard despite the score and the fact he was not getting a lot of daylight.

They probably didn't mention it on the TV commentary, but Coach Molnar had the second offense in for the last series of the game. He could have left the first string in to try to make the score look a little better, but it gave the second string some game experience.


Matty V. said UMass football continued to struggle. has UMass remains winless.

MassLive has Khary Baily-Smith becomes the latest freshman to play for UMass.

MassLive has UMass trounced by Vanderbilt 49-7

Fox Sports has UMass loses to Vandy 49-7, remains winless.


The Tennessean said Vanderbilt breezes past UMass 49-7.

"Anchor of Gold" has Vandy routs UMass 49-7.


The MAC conference continued knocking off OOC opponents as Ball State beat Army and Kent State knocked off unbeaten Rutgers.

UMass gets another very good team next week as N. Illinois beat Western Michigan 48-34 to run their record to 8-1 --and the one loss was by one point to Iowa.


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Anonymous said...

Molnar needs to adjust his offense. One way would to play AJ Doyle more,as he seems to be able to run with the ball and is faster. This might open up the short and mid passes. I realize that we have a young line and this may take away so me of the pressure on the QB. Try it this year and see what you have. meanwhile fans,have patience with Umass football.