Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday--October 31st 2012

Mrs Blog and I made it home. Our plane was the third into reopening Manchester. Power was out at our house and we read by the light of our propane camping lanterns until we went to bed. Power is on this morning.

Hope all of the UMass family is OK and everyone is making progress about getting their life back in order after Sandy.


UMass got a practice in before Sandy hit.

Nick Speller still in Limbo.

Harry Plumer has a story about walk-on Al Leneus. He was going to be a defensive lineman--then things changed.

Plumer looks at FBS mascots from Aggies to Zips.


The Boston Herald says UMass is working to shake off Hurricane VAndy.


This week UMass travels to NIU. The Huskies have a 19-game winning streak going at their home stadium.


The Chicago Tribune has news and notes from the MAC.



Anonymous said...

McCutcheon set the program back 4 years with the hiring of Kevin Morris. He was an under .500 head coach at the slum level of division 3. when Brown left for Maryland the whole staff should have been replaced not promoted. The drop in talent between the don brown recruits vs Kevin Morris recruits is night and day. The Morris staff put together the worst 3 years in recruiting in school history. Look where the Morris staff went after Umass. Picucci is still looking for a job. Look at the umass product on the field now and compare it to the 06-08 umass teams. Charlie is essentially starting from scratch here. Will take time to rebuild what Morris destroyed. fan attendance needs to pick up, get out and support your school.

vetteson said...

UMass came very close to making the Vanderbuilt game interesting in the first half when they got inside the Vandy red zone twice but failed on very possible 4th down plays. Scores on these two might have affected the rest of the game.

Anyway it's important to note that there are 19 freshmen on the depth chart (not incl. Special Teams), 14 are true freshmen, how many are coach Molnar's recruits I don't know. There are only 6 sophomores (Morris era). So there is a huge talent gap in the '11 recruiting class to overcome. Combine this with lots of injuries and I can see why we fade so badly in the second half...

Anonymous said...

of all the starting players from the morris era (offense/deffense) which in particuliar are not as talented as the opponents they are battling against?just curious ive watched all the games and the kids that have been starters from the past era and still starting seem to play tough every game . In my oppinion if some changes can be made as far as deffense scheme and some of the offense play calls i think we all can agree the outcomes may not all be as bad as they have been.We run the same base deffense game after game change it up see what happens and give doyle more time how worse can it get?

izy1 said...

anonymous 1 and 2 pretty much nailed it there and I agree with vetteson. It is real hard to put a Level 1 team together with freshman and leftovers from previous coaching and recruiting that was clueless.
The team is what it is, Molnar has to make them play ball. It is his first year in the drivers seat and he needs a fair shake too. From what I've seen on this blog, UMASS is making offers to some good talent. If the guys playing now can't cut it, well then adios muchachos.

Anonymous said...

Picucci isnt still "looking for a job". Be careful of making comments when you have no idea whats going on in peoples lives. He has turned down a half dozen jobs, to help take care of a family member. Jobs in college and Pro football.
Frank I am embarrassed for your blog that you let people finger point. There is no validity or substance behind anything people say let alone truth...

UMass74 said...

I missed the comment about Coach Piccucci. I have moderated a number of comments in the past by someone who really didn't like him.

However, I agree with the commenters that the 2011 team was a long way from the Coach Whipple and Coach Brown eras. The cupboard was especially bare in offensive skill players.There are a number of good players from the Morris era that are starting.

Still, we need FBS speed and talent at nearly every position. IMHO, it will take at least two more recruiting classes before UMass can start playing with BCS and the top level of the MAC. I don't think we're going to get many slots on the All-MAC teams at the end of the year. I'm loyal to our players, after all I've spent five years writing about some of them, but reality is reality.