Monday, October 22, 2012

Recruiting 2013--Andrew Barton

Barton #50/ John Rearick image
On 10/20/12, the Register Citizen reports UMass is interested in Andrew Barton, a 6-3 230 pound LB from Ridgefield, CT.

Article here.

Rivals page here.

Barton is also drawing interest from Army, Boston College and Temple.


vetteson said...

Made my first trip ever to Gillete this past weekend, perfect day for football if a little warm. I thought the defense was spectacular. Two bad calls allowed the second BGU td in second half, then they got tired, as I did trying to calm some western Mass hayseed who kept yelling to put his cousin or separated twin in the game. The offense was tepid and horrbly slow. Weyzgen (sp.) has to speed up his game and improve his decision making. Passes have to be crisp to FCS level recievers to be completed. The "crowd" was muted, but didn't have much to cheer about. The band, as usual, was great. I do believe that if McQuirk ever gets fixed up it will be a better experience than Gillete. Fostering a FBS culture on the campus will take time and most importantly success. I do believe this team will get better, but there is a lot to overcome. My earlier sentiments, about UMass having an Ultimate Frisbee, beer, and Quiditch culture rather than a football culture, remains true but it might change if McQuirk can be revitalized and wins become common.

TopUMassFan said...

I agree with Vetteson. On-Campus is the way to go. I know what you said about McQuirk being FCS and filled with drunk students, but remember the feel of that playoff game vs. UNH or any game against them or Delaware? It was EXPLOSIVE! A stadium like Rentschler would be great, on campus. Is it asking too much for UMass to let us in on the long-range plan or is there none.

I expected a tough season but not one without passion from the fans. I've met some nice folks in my section but 4 out-of 5 seats are vacant. I'm on-board til I die, Frank; I'd just like to think we're still moving forward. See everyone on the 17th for Buffalo burgers!