Saturday, October 06, 2012

Game Day Western Michigan

Blog reader izy1 has found a free live video MAC streaming site . It's here. Try it before using the pay-for-viewing site I posted yesterday. Thanks to him for pointing this out.

UPDATE: Izy1's link is working for me with Comcast/Mint 13/Chrome. Audio is a little low, but I can live with that.


Well, UMass has played well the last two games, but does not have a win to show for it. It looks like the Minutemen will be as close to full strength today as they have been all season.

Hopefully, the UMass offense will continue their progress and move the ball effectively. The Minutemen defense will be going against a Bronco offense that is playing their second team QB. Getting some turnovers would help the cause. The weather forecast is 70% chance of showers.

Let's get after the Broncos and get our first FBS and first MAC win.

Go UMass!!!


Matty V has UMass heads to Western Michigan.

MassLive's Harry Plumer says UMass could be rolling into Western Michigan  at just the right time.

Plumer has Media information for today's game and more.

UMass is -17 for today's game.

Plumer ran NCAA13 simulation and got Broncos 21-Minutemen 7.

Keepers College Football rankings has Western Michigan by 18.28, all the lines seem high. The Broncos are playing a backup QB and the weather is iffy.

The Boston Herald says the UMass offense is finding its way.

The Battlecreek Examiner says UMass will try to slow down Western Michigan's freshman phenom Jamie Wilson. Wilson's Western Michigan bio here.


The MAC Conference Game Day central with info on all seven of today's league games.

The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" previews today's games.


BTW, Boston College, which is still looking for it's first FBS win of the season, plays Army today. Army lost to Stony Brook, so if the Eagles can't do it today, they can't do it at all.

UConn figures to have their hands full with 4-0 Rutgers this week.



Anonymous said...

So far our linebackers are hurting us!!!!

izy1 said...

we would have all been better off NOT watching that game

Anonymous said...

Before everone jumps ugly,a quick reminder UConn beat Umass earlier this year. Western Michigan beat UConn two weeks later.