Wednesday, May 09, 2012

UMass Football Alumni & Friends Against ALS

Former UMass star Drew Comeau has started a group called UMass Football Alumni and Friends against ALS that will raise funds that will go towards purchasing season club seats for ALS patients that would like to get away for a day and go to Gillette and see some UMass football.

A direct link to their donation page is here. The group is also on Facebook.

The group is affiliated with the Blazeman Foundation for ALS.

Comeau was a four year letterman for UMass from 1986-1989. He's been active in supporting UMass football since he graduated. ALS is a terrible disease (two of my HS graduating class died from it). If you could help his group, it would be a good thing.


Umass Fan said...

This is a GREAT cause!!! How can I get involved and help?

UMass74 said...

Making a contribution would help.

My e-mail address is in the "about me" page in the blog sidebar.

Send me your e-mail and I'll forward it to Drew. I'm sure he'd like to talk with you.

Umass Fan said...

Will Do, Thank You!