Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tuesday--May 8th, 2012

Bleacher Report has a story about the "25 wackiest stadium names" and Gillette is one of them. This is a stretch for material even for Bleacher Report.


The Post-Chronicle has an article on the Giants Kevin Gilbride and his offensive system that helped the Giants and Giants players like Victor Cruz succeed.


Rant Sports ranks the Big Ten's OOC schedule. Since the Minutemen play two Big Ten teams this year, we get a couple of mentions.


The Boston Globe says a split between the Big East and the Catholic basketball schools appears more likely than ever.


The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" looks at the MAC's football free agent signings (does not include UMass).



ABM said...

First a disclaimer, I am in no means a coach or an offensive guru. But in response to your/DEM's question from yesterday in regards to using a TE in a spread offense, see below for a few ideas.

I see Coach Molnar employing the TEs similar to how the Patriots use Gronk and Hernandez and how the Colts used to use Dallas Clark in their heyday. Blanchflower fits the build and skill set as Gronk and can be split in the slot and work the middle and underneath routes. This would be especially enticing as he could serve as a security blanket for our younger QBs as they develop and get a feel for the offense.

They could also always keep a TE in on the backside to provide extra blocking or chip off and work the flats or again, the middle. They could also use them at the point in a tight bunch formation at times and run a variety of combo routes from that set.

Another option would be to begin bringing in more athletic TEs versus the traditional builds. These TEs would fit the mold of an Aaron Hernandez type, where they can pinch in and put their hand in the dirt if need be, but flourish when split out and attempt to work the numbers and sidelines.

Again, I could be way off in my ideas, but just a few thoughts.

Anonymous said...

They will use tight ends. The biggest issue is we don't have a spread qb on the roster that can run under a 5 flat in the 40 yard dash.