Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday -- May 13th, 2012

MassLive's Jackson Alexander continues his series on the Minutemen; this time on the UMass running backs. He mentions SO Jordan Broadnax and RS SR Alan Williams.

He does not mention roster running backs Jamar Smith and Jamal Wilson. In addition, several sources have said RB  Michael Cox has transfered from Michigan.


Mke Cardillo of the says UConn fans should relish a chance at a UMass rivalry.


Sports says Julian Talley showed the most speed of the Giants free agent WR's (at end of article). has a story with some quotes from Talley about the Giants.


Football Scoop has some comment and a video by Indiana HC Kevin Wilson. The Hoosiers coach mentions their trip to UMass (about the six minute mark) and urges Indiana fans to make the trip.

You know, in most states, the flagship university moving to FBS would be considered a major chance to enhance tourism for the state. The state tourism commission would be all over it. The Governor would attend the first home game. But this is Massachusetts so it's like:

The Bay State is, of course, busily solving all the really pressing educational problems.

This years OOC opponent Vanderbilt also has a pretty inspirational video. The Commodores are actually making some progress in the SEC.



Anonymous said...

Horrible lead in to the bake sale article. That and UMass moving to FBS are not related in any way.

Anonymous said...

They may not be directly related, but the author was attempting to use a little hyperbole to underscore the nanny-state mentality of this state. As for promoting UMass football along with tourism, why is this a bad idea? Fall is a great time to visit Massachusetts, and why not take in a UMass game at Gillette while you're here?

UMass74 said...

That's what I was trying to say. The Indiana Coach said "See the game--See Cape Cod!". Gillette is only 30 some odd miles from the Freedom Trail, the Boston Science Museum, Cape Cod National Seashore, etc.

Some big name schools ---and their fans are coming to Gillette. The contrast between what the state thinks is important--banning cupcakes and a chance to make some significant tourist revenue is revealing.

prof. said...

As an educator, I find your use of rhetoric and irony spot-on. Students are helpless without their parents, and the government seems increasingly to be a case of Munchhausen-by-proxy over students, its constituents, and the way we live our life according to the precepts of government. Good for you. Apropos.