Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday--May15th, 2012

Jeff Thomas has piece saying  UMass--BC--UConn rivalries make sense for all.

UConn and Boston college are #63 and #64 respectively in average attendance per game in 2011 (.pdf download). The Huskies were #47 and the Eagles were #67 in percent capacity of stadium use (also a .pdf download).

Once upon a time I did a guest post on "BC Interruption". In the swapping of questions, I mentioned that BC had exceeded my expectations in the ACC. Originally, I thought they would join Duke and Wake Forrest at the bottom of the ACC standings. The Eagles private school status and high academic standards would, I thought, make it hard to compete with the ACC's state schools. Well, it may be just me, but it seems as if Boston College is starting to struggle...

Games between the New England schools also make sense as reduced travel cost. In addition you would have to believe a number of each schools fans would make the drive.

The business end of college football makes eminent sense for the three New England schools to play each other every year, but various egos will probably prevent it for some time.


Matty V has an article on VCU joining the A10 for basketball. Relevant quote for UMass football fans:

"Conference shifting likely isn't done. With the WAC crumbling and the BCS eliminating automatic bids, it looks less and less likely that Boise State and San Diego State will ever actually play football in the Big East, which means the Big East could be hunting for football programs again. "


Jaskson Alexander asks  "Who's UMass' starting QB?"


The Cleveland Plain Dealer interviews Kent State President Lester Lefton on the state of MAC and Kent State athletics. He mentions UMass and states he does not think the Minutemen are happy about Temple leaving.

The Plain Dealer also has a report from the MAC's conference meeting. The article mentions a possible increase in the MAC's TV financial package.


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