Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday--May 21st, 2012

It's a slow news day. Last week I had tons of material, but not much happening right now. The college football magazines will be out starting the first week of June and for the first time, UMass fans won't have to search of a mention of the Minutemen. I'm going to buy 'em all :)


Thirty-one (not counting UMass)MAC conference players signed UDFA contracts in 2012.


The Boston Herald hires a UMass grad as their Patriots beat reporter. Nice job!



Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

Well we have asked our row mate for his prognostications for our team this year and this is what he came up

if you are not in or an optimist stop reading now

Here it is

UConn we would be absolutely ecstatic with a win but we think we might be a little overmatched. A good game is what we expect to see and we want the team to play the full 60 minutes.

Indiana - the other two of us wonder if he is drinking too much Kool Aid but he is predicting a win for UMass. Not so sure but it is May so we can go with him on this.

Michigan - we are not sneaking up on the Maize n Blue again at all in no way shape or form. But we think we will not get blown out either. Better not - the three of us are already making plans to go to the Big House again.

at Miami OH A win for us. 'Nuff said. They were 4-8 last year and play Ohio St and Boise St in two of their first three games.

Now it gets tough

Ohio (10-4 last year) we lose and find out what one of the better teams in the MAC is like.

@ Western Michigan Same as above unfortunately.

Bowling Green We will do ok but still come up short.

At Vandy This could be an ugly game for us. Vandy is a far better team than most think and this is maybe another Stanford type team in the next few years. Playing in the SEC is a whole new animal. Respectability is a must for this game to be considered succesfull.

At Northern ILL another very tough team who went 11-3 last year and won their bowl. Just want respectability from this game.

Now it gets better

@ Akron They were 1-11 last year and even with all of their "dubious" hirings we still should do pretty well. This might be the highest scoring game in UMass history. Our over/under in this game -with no OT- is 140 pts.

Buffalo at home 3-9 last year

Finish with Central Michigan 3-9 last year.

Here is to hoping for a respectful year. The three of us really like what Coach Charlie is doing and think this year will be much better than too many are saying.

We win 2 of the last 3 and finish 4-8.

DEM said...

Top Roww,

Thanks for your thoughts. Speaking as someone who was not able to attend the spring game, I'm wondering if you can elaborate on the tight ends (you mentioned in another comment that it's one of our strengths)...obviously, Blanchflower is one of the guys we'll be looking at, but he didn't play in the spring game. Do any other TE's stand out? Did Jerome Lewis play?...I saw V-tech fans were talking him up before he transferred to UMass...any indication that he'll play a big part this yr?

How about our QB's - did one stand out over the other?