Saturday, May 05, 2012

Recruiting 2013-- Zack Benjamin

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The Tampa Bay Times reports that UMass has offered to Zack Benjamin, a 6-5 182 pd WR from Tampa Catholic, FL.

Tampa Bay Times article here (at the end of the story).

Another article on his offers from UMass and Toledo.

NCSA recruiting profile here.

Big Country Preps has a story on Benjamin here.

Caught 13 passes for 260 yards (20 yards/catch) and five TD's last season.



Anonymous said...

I'm concerned more about our recruiting philosophy. We have offered so many kids. Are we building relationships with these kids or just throwing darts at a board and hoping to hit. With the vast number of kids we have offered I think were playing darts.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is happening to our current starters, I saw QB Hill and TE Blanchflower as well as our Middle LB on the sidelines at spring game and i'm hoping that all of them are going to be healthy to play. I know it's going to be a long season, but without them 3 it will be a way longer season that's for sure. Being a loyal student who's watched all of the players those 3 guys are crucial to the team, Hill clearly has the strongest and most accurate arm out of all the QB's, and Blanchflower is the deal Target with good hands especially with Emil leaving now, he can shine in the middle of the field. The Linebacker I can't remember his name but heck of a player know he will be a great influence, hope he is not injured for long. Just trying to get an update on what's the deal? Thanks

UMass74 said...

In one of the articles by Matt Vautour Coach Molnar said there had been some injuries in the Spring, but he expected everybody to be available in the fall.