Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday--may 17th, 2012

There's been an addition to the 2012 Spring football roster since the last update a couple of weeks ago. Added is:
  • #21 Matt Carini RSSO RB 5-10 200 Franklin MA/New Hampshire
#21 was Kirk Nelms' number last year.


Want to try on a Giants Super Bowl ring just like the one Victor Cruz is going to wear? There's an app for that.

Cruz' mom will get custody of the ring most of the time.


A Bleacher Report doesn't think Julian Talley will make the Giants roster.

Another Bleacher Report writer picks UMass #123 in the universe of college football teams.


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Anonymous said...

2-12 is the common belief, and I wouldn't bet the house on winning those two either. It's gonna be a rough ride, so hang on and hope for improved play as the season goes on.