Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday--May 18th, 2012

New UMass football head coach Charley Molnar continues his state-wide tour with a stop at the Amherst Brewing Company on Thursday, May 24 from 5:30-7:30 PM. Fans can join Coach Molnar as he lays out his vision for UMass football both on and off the field as the Minutemen prepare for their first full season as members of the Football Bowl Subdivision and the Mid-American Conference.


The CAA loses another member as Old Dominion announced yesterday that they are moving to CUSA.


Ball State HC Pete Lembo says Ball State will move to a 1-2-1 scheduling philosophy.

Hopefully, in 2015 or so, UMass will lighten the schedule to a similar system. Right now we need the money for the move to FBS, but going 0-4 every year in the OOC schedule will not build fan enthusiasm.


Athlon Sports looks at the conference realignment breakdown including the MAC. IMHO, Army would be a good fit for the MAC.


Like the Super Bowl, the College FBS National Championship game could be a bid on venue.



John E said...

Regarding the fan enthusiasm comment, let me say that "those who mind don't matter, those that matter don't mind".

As much as I'd love the sight of a sold out stadium, I'd rather have an empty stadium than to see a team settling for easy wins. Now what that coach said is not a new or novel plan, so he should have kept that philosophy to himself as opposed to making public his desire to schedule just to get a bowl game. Also, scheduling teams that "comparable to yourself" necessitates evaluating your own team prematurely. If I were a player on Ball State and your coach schedules Middle Tennessee and New Mexico State after making that comment, I'd be kind of insulted in some transitive way.

Is the general "fan-base standpoint" really that fans would rather see their team win an evenly matched or gimme game then contend for a major upset?

I fervently disagree with that scheduling philosophy. 2-1-1? I'll take that. But if it were 1-2-1 as described year after year, this fan would be a lot less enthused. Just take the money and contend for an upset. I'm really excited about the opportunity to visit all these huge venues as well. South Bend Indiana or Bowling Green Kentucky?

UMass74 said...

Ah, I was thinking along the lines of a 9-3 season and a Big East invite...

John E said...

sure... 7-1 in the MAC and 2-2 vs the BCS teams! :-)

UMass74 said...

From your keyboard to God's ear :)

Anonymous said...

What's the point of playing Michigan it's a 70-0 blowout that kills the morale of the team moving forward.

Anonymous said...


That's what everyone said last time we scheduled Michigan and looked what happened. If you don't wanna support the minutemen that's fine, go read good housekeeping instead.

Excited for the new season. It's obviously gonna be a rough year, but this year will be a good year to see where we're at with our guys that have at least one more year after the upcoming one and can they play at this level. Guys I'm talking about are Mike Lee, Antoine Tharpe, Jordan broadnaux, AJ Doyle (if he plays), Marken Michel, Ortiz, Blanchflower, and some others. Even if their stats aren't great you can easily tell if we can have some promise in year two.

I think Blanchflower is the real deal. Could be a late round draft pick by the time he's done. I think Hill nor Pagel will ever be the answer but I hope one has a great year. Hill is just way too slow in everything he does, and Pagel is just all over the place.

Hope everyone's doing well! GO UMASS!

Anonymous said...

"What's the point of playing Michigan it's a 70-0 blowout that kills the morale of the team moving forward."

Agreed. The point is cash and cash only. Don't listen to the crap about it's good for our players to play against the highest level of competition. There's nothing to be learned from being physically (and talent level) overmatched.

matt said...

I guess we are forgeting september 18, 2010 the score was michigan 42-37 by no means a blowout. It definately was not 70-0 in fact Umass nearly pulled off the victory and even if this year is a down year we will not lose to michigan 70-0 ever. I guess you also dont understand the point of playing big teams like michigan we need the money and to get a bigger fan base by playing teams like michigan.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the same umass team and certainly not the same michigan team. Umass is worse at every position then the last trip to michigan and that's fact. Denard robinson will win the heisman this year