Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday---May 6th, 2012

MassLive's Jason Alexander has a story about who will replace Jesse Julmiste in kick returns. Mentioned are Brian Dowling, Marken Michel, Christian Birt and Iric Harris.

The same group plus Antoine Tharpe are in the mix for punt returner.

Alexander also says Perry McIntyre is looking for a breakout year.

Alexander looks at the Minutemen's switch to a 4-3 defense.


Delaware Online looks at the Hens situation in the CAA. A possible move to a FBS conference, including the MAC, is discussed.


If you are having trouble remembering all the conference realignments, Phil Steele has an updated conference affiliation chart.


The New-Sentinel wonders if Notre Dame's football season is already doomed.


OT, but UMass basketball added to what was a good recruiting week for Minutemen by signing basketball guard Derrek Gordon. College basketball is a guard-oriented game. An All-Conference guard gives you the most impact for your bucks. If Coach Kelloge can string together some good years in a row, it would make UMass sports a more attractive package in future conference realignments.


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