Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday--May 27th, 2012

Phil Steele has a chart on his blog listing the number of returning lettermen vs letterman lost. UMass comes in a #44 nationally with 42 lettermen returning, 17 lost, 71,19% 59 total. The Minutemen come in on the lower range of total letterman because of the lower number of scholarships in FCS. As Phil Steele notes there is also a wide variation in how schools award letters.

Rankings for teams on UMass' 2012 schedule are:
  • #10 Central Michigan
  • #19 Ohio
  • #27 Buffalo
  • #28 Miami of Ohio
  • #36 Bowling Green
  • #39 Northern Illinois
  • #58 Indiana
  • #67 Michigan
  • #69 Vanderbilt
  • #94 Akron
  • #102 Western Michigan
  • #110 UConn


Football Scoop has a story and a link to a USA report on athletic director's salaries. They missed John McCutcheon. Vanderbilt who is on our OOC schedule this year, had the highest paid AD ----- David Williams at $2.56 million.


Jim O'Conner/ US Presswire image
Rant Sports says with Hakeem Nicks injured, Victor Cruz is now the #1 receiver for the Giants.

ESPN New York says Cruz is adjusting to his new status with the Giants-----as a veteran.


The Seattle Times has a nice human interest story about former NFL and MAC QB Jon Kitna's new gig as a high school math teacher.


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