Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday--May 26th, 2012

Fos Sports has an article about conference realignments and  "rivalries replaced" mentions UMass and the MAC.


We've all felt that UMass' offensive line is one of the units that the Minutemen are most FBS-ready. Phil Steele has a post giving the national rankings of offensive lines by the number of career starts returning in 2012. The Minutemen are #20.

That would be:
Malcolm Speller SR 6-4 300 was the listed backup to Josh Samuda on the two-deep last year.

The Delaware Blue Hens are wondering what they should do if any more changes hit the CAA.


How will the Big East's media deal play out? The league thinks it could be as high as $130 million, but CBS Sports thinks the league could take in as low as $60 million.

If the Big East is low-balled, SB Nation thinks that could trigger more realignments in the East.


OT, but Fox Sports Midwest says adding Butler and VCU make the A10 a conference on the rise.



Massachusetts cows crash party,  bully guests and drank their beer.



Anonymous said...

The biggest issue will be how the team responds to coach molnar's coaching style. I see a lot of loses on the schedule next year. Will the team tune him out and dismiss him or will his cry baby high school tactics be effective?

Anonymous said...

Well they use to refer to Morris as "Mother" and considered him to be overly emotional...Time will tell...Military Academy's produce fine officers but it is the battle field where leaders are developed..

Anonymous said...

Care to elaborate on these cry baby tactics? I dont think people should be trashing the coach unless they back it up with some evidence or first hand experience. The players were soft under coach Morris, so its a wake up call to most about how hard you have to work to be successful at this level. Mediocrity will not be tolerated under Molnar.

nes said...

Sounds like anonymous at 10:05 AM is the crybaby. Pretty rude comment about a man who has a difficult job but is doing his best. Typical boobird!!!!!!!!!