Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday--May 19th, 2012

It's a slow news day in the intertubes for UMass or MAC news.


Back in the CAA, the results look like this:
  • Old Dominion moved to CUSA
  • Georgia State moved to the Sun Belt
  • UMass moved to the MAC
  • Northeastern dropped football
  • Hofstra dropped football
  • Rhode Island dropped to 40 scholarships and the NEC
That leaves the CAA with only eight football teams and seven league games in 2012. The remaining eight teams are:
  • Maine
  • UNH
  • Delaware
  • JMU
  • Towson
  • Villanova
  • Richmond
  • William & Mary
The CAA has definite Mid-Atlantic tilt to it and seems to leave Maine and UNH as the odd teams out. The Black Bears and the Wildcats are going to have to scramble to cover their travel costs. One thing they could do is add a second FBS game to increase revenue. A number of western and mid-west FCS teams play two FBS teams every year.

The Washington Post says the CAA will be shopping for schools in both football and basketball.


Victor Cruz, he's everywhere.


Michigan, one of our two Big Ten OOC opponents this year is up to #9 in ESPN's post-spring national power rankings.


The ESPN Big East Blog rates our OOC opening opponent UConn #6 and MAC-transfer Temple #8 in its post spring power rankings.


BTW, Boise State still plans to play in the Big East in 2013.


Old Dominion's move to CUSA, is already changing the recruiting dynamics in the Tidewater area.


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