Monday, May 21, 2012

Recruiting 2013--Arthur Willaims

Williams #3/Photo credit unknown reports UMass has offered to Arthur Williams, a 6-3 198 pd safety from Sebring, FL.

Williams' Rivals page here.

ESPN page here.

Williams was the overall MVP of Sebring's spring camp.

UMass is Williams only offer at this time. He's drawing interest from Boston College, Florida International, Miami of Florida,  South Florida and Western Kentucky.


Anonymous said...

From up in the Top Roww

Well Spring ball has ended and we have tried to do some research on how we stand and what is upcoming.

First off we pretty much always see the glass as half full so if you are a doom n gloomer for this year you are of course entitled to your opinion but we'd ask you back it up with some facts.

Looking at our team and schedule creates some interesting situations and opportunities. The biggest thing we saw team wise the lack of depth necessary to play a week in and week out D1 schedule. Until we can go at least 2 deep with D1 players who can bear up to the week in and week out demands of this kind of schedule then it could be tough for us.

That said we think that if we can get a few breaks and keep things under control then we might do a little better than thought right now. Here is how we arrive at that type of thinking. Again if you see it different just offer how so.

This teams strength without a doubt is the OL and TE's. We have 4 OL's back as starters and a couple more who played a fair amount and show promise. We have a few TE's who look to be very, very promising as well. Our front 6- or 7 should be able to play with every team we play. Not saying we will blow teams off the ball all of the team but this is an experienced group who should be the lead group of this team. As far as our receviers go - this is a work in progress and with so many coming in this summer it is not yet clear who are go to receivers will be. As for RB same. QB might be the same but it still might be too early to say who our QB will be. We all thought our QB's did ok in the spring game (read that to mean ok is just that ok nothing spectacular). Wondering if the Michigan RB transfer might be getting a lot of touches too. Our kicking game does not look to be what it needs to be and some changes are likely.


Anonymous said...

cont'd from the Top Roww

Also hard to see what our specials might be doing with all other members of these important team members.

Now on to defense. For the first 11 players we seem to be ok. At the same time it seems we are woefully thin upfront. We just do not see the numbers of players necessary upfront that we will need to play this kind of defense currently being available. It seemed that we were playing what was two DL's w/ two hybrid OLB's as DE's with 2-3 LB's and then the secondary of 4-5. We have to be able to our opponents ground game under control. The James Madison game was a defensive disaster. Of course that was last year and this is a new team and a new staff so here is to hoping that this will not ever happen again.

As for the DB's the same theory seems to apply. We have some ok starters but the depth of this part of our team is a big question.

Coach Charlie seems to have a good grasp on what is needed to be done and overall we like what he is doing a lot. His attention to detail at the spring game was really exciting. We specifically noted him throwing a QB off the field for not having a mouthpiece and the sub QB being ready to step right in was a big plus. We also noted him asking in his Coach Charlie voice why one of the TE's had his helmet off. Seems pretty obvious that if you have your helpmet off you are not allowed to play and all equipment - including mouthpieces- are to be used.

We are not expecting a winning season this year but we think we will by one way or another get 3 wins and be competitive in most all of our games.

Have a Nice Day.