Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday--May 4th, 2012

In a story that UMass fans could have predicted, the Boston Globe sees mostly difficulties in the Minutemen's move to FBS.

UPDATE: Jeff Thomas does it better...


The Maize and Brew Blog previews the Michigan-UMass game.


Carolina Live looks at East Coast FCS football and the changes that are happening.


Tom Dienhart looks at Indiana's 2012 schedule and says the Hoosiers need to be ready to play when they visit UMass on September 8th.


This article on Butler has ten facts about the A10. UMass fans will notice the odd fit for the Minutemen. Ten of the fourteen schools are either private or Catholic. With Butler joining eight of the A10 schools will have less than 8,000 students.



MinuteFan said...

Esteemed Blogmeister, while I share your overall view that the Boston (College) Globe often has a clear anti-UMass agenda, I found this particular article to be rather "fair and balanced". The head coach has no head coaching experience, most of these players were recruited for the CAA and the schedule is a tough one. We still need to resolve the campus stadium issue long-term, and the MAC is not as good a fit as the Big East would have been. These are unarguable facts. I think all the article is saying is that its an uphill struggle with no guarantee of success and that as UMass fans we will have to have patience. Nothing we don't already know.

That being said, I thought he had some positive things about the commitment of the administration, coaches and players to make this work. I urge fans to support the team and be patient. That will make sharing in future successes all the more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I agree with the Esteemed Blogmeister. As you admitted, it's nothing we don't already know, so clearly it's NOT newsworthy and the article really didn't need to be written. We know it won't be easy, and we're likely facing a 1-11 or 2-10 year. (and quite possibly an 0-12 year). Trumpeting the grim outlook in the Globe really serves no purpose. This story could've taken a much more upbeat tone, perhaps outlining what it's going to take for the program to become successful.

Umass Fan said...

It will be a difficult task but one UMass is up to. The students,faculty and alumni must get on the band wagon and make this happen.