Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We're moving to FBS!

Multiple media sources say UMass will announce the move to the MAC and FBS level tomorrow at a press conference at Gillette.

UMass website announcement. Watch the press conference tomorrow on live streaming video.

Stub article from Matty V.

Article from MassLive.

NBC Sports.

There are numerous other articles, but they are all basically saying the same thing. We'll have more details on the move later including details about games at Gillette.

I feel this is just the start of UMass' move to a national athletic program. The Blog hopes to see a journey that will include financial stability for the whole UMass Athletic Dept, increased resources for UMass women's sports, football in a FBS conference w/a bowl game-------and some killer OOC football games against Big East and BCS opponents!

Go UMass!


Zach said...

I really don't like the fact that we are going to be playing half of our games an hour and a half away from Amherst.

Gillette is going to look embarrassingly empty with 15,000 fans in the stands on a Wednesday night on ESPN, with not one student at the game.

UMass really needs to work on upgrading McGuirk in the next two years so that it rivals Rentschler Field.

College football is about the campus experience and feel. We need to keep the games in Amherst.

Anonymous said...

So where is all the scouting reports on the offense and defense during the spring camp. Always enjoyed reading these reports and they made for good hype and speculation for the fall. Also why hasn't UMass posted pics this year during the spring camp or are they waiting til fall ball. With the big move ahead the top row wizards should be psyched !!!

Anonymous said...

From a UMass Fan

This is a great move not only for our football program but for the entire school. Even if we have a sub 500 year the first year I expect us to be able to compete with the MAC every year we are there. Coach Morris has done a decent job here, but this makes me wonder if we make a move for Don Brown if this year is not a conference championship or long play off run. Don Brown is an unbelievable coach and leader. He will do great things at UConn like he did at MAryland and UMass.

UMASS87 said...

YES!!!! Here we come big time college football! Make room for the UMASS Minutemen! I've been waiting two decades for this! GO UMASS!

Anonymous said...

Happy overall. But bummed that all home games will be played at Gillette. As an alumni, this will work for me--but it won't work for current students, and I imagine the atmosphere won't be the same as it is during typical college football games without them. I'm not the type of person that looks at the bottle half-empty though; I'll take an upgrade with no Amherst games versus no upgrade at all. I just hope some plans are in the works to upgrade or replace McGuirk eventually.

Anonymous said...

We need to upgrade our staff. A lot of up and coming coaches would take a mac job in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

From a UMass Fan

Zach I understand your concern, but if you have gone to a UMass game the past year, you will notice that the students don't really come to many games and if they do they are gone by halftime. A move to Gillette will be better for UMass alums so they don't have to drive to Amherst in no man's land. Foxboro is great positioning for alums to see UMass games. This is a great move.

However when we have the funds to renovate McGuirk, I believe we should and get the games moved back to campus. I assume that will be around 2016 as an earliest scenario.

UMass74 said...


Don't be Dr. Doom. Mr. Kraft didn't get to be a billionaire by having crappy Wednesday night games. The cream of the crop will be Gillette.

Second, other schools (UConn and Miami of Florida) have games off campus and they survive. They'll bus the students---and I'll bet some UMies will be enterprising enough to get there on their own, if there is a chance to be crazy on national TV.

In addition, if we do well, there is a good chance that it will motivate the state legislature to pull their thumbs out of their butts and do something about McGuirk.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

It's a GOOD THING. Be happy.

Anonymous said...

on another subject , Kyle Havens has a workout with the SF Forty Niners tomorrow , Good luck Kyle !

Anonymous said...

i think we need to upgrade our fans too.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see kevin morris as an fbs head coach. I see a change coming soon. Mark whipple was denied from a job with marshall after winning a natl championship and super bowl. Morris has never won anything as a head coach. His resume does not match any other coach in the mac.

Old Cage said...

After the press conference, the official UMass party will convene at the CBS Scene at the stadium. We are all invited. I don't know when the presser will end, but 4:30 is a good guess.

It would be terrific to see a good group of fans there. Wear your gear!

CBS Scene is at the north end of the stadium. You can usually park quite close when there is no game going on.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the coaching staff? Why would a coach that have been at Umass for 7 years leave and go to a Div III school? And word has it, Morris has let another coach go? Strange a coach would leave for Div III when the program is moving up to Div-1A

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all UMass faithful! Don't forget, there are legions of alumni in the Boston area. They have money to spend and will attend the games. I think that busing students to the game will prove to be a draw and will reinvigorate the student body. It will beneift all. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Good luck minutemen from a BC guy.

So are u guys BC haters like UConn? Or neutral or even positive on BC?

do u want to see games against BC?

TopUMassFan said...

I am very pleased with this forth-coming news! Sorry for those students that did attend games and for what this may mean for CAA rivals UNH and MAINE. However, this is in our best interest over the long haul and will keep UMass Football going for years to come. Games at Gillette will be ok but I'll miss my wings from "The Hanger"! Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

I heard today that all of the games for 2012 and 2013 were being played at Gillette because renovations were going to be made to bring McGuirk up to an acceptable level at minimum. In 2014 our conference games would be at McGuirk and Gillette would host two "Neutral" site games where both schools would get financial guarantees. These games would be against name opponents.

That is what I heard anyway.

Either way this is going to be great for students, alumni and fans of Umass!! It's about time our state university decided to get in the game!!!

Anonymous said...

BC has no fans they are a joke. We traveled more fans to michigan than bc did to any bowl game or acc championship. A bunch of yuppies who think they are better than everyone else. I read an article last month about a BC football player who was complaining to the paper how he couldn't find a job and the alumni did nothing for him neither did the athletic department. We will take over in Mass.

Anonymous said...

well i mean most of them probably are thinking that even if we hadnt made this move it's unlikely any of them stay on next year unless morris has more then a 3 year contract. But i mean he's likely made decent money and has some put away, so he makes the move to d3 where he gets more control of the team he is coaching. Also d3 is less demanding, im pretty sure that coach falbo has kids and would like to spend more time with them as they grow up, a d3 job would let him do this. I've also heard that he is friends with the new head coach at RPI