Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday--April 26, 2011

UMass has a day of activities for Saturday's Spring Game. They'll be a open house at the new UMass football offices from 1-3 pm. The Spring game will be from 4:00-5:30 followed by a autograph session. The day will have several 100-Yard Club only events including a barbecue.

Join the 100-yard club here.


Matty V. says it's not ideal, but it had to be Foxboro. Matty points out that people gripping about the ride to Foxboro have been living in their own little world.

"Anyone from a real college football hotbed is laughing at this. Its nothing for fans in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas and all over SEC country to drive several hours with those little flags on their windows for every home football game.
It's part of the experience. A two-hour drive to Foxboro is nothing by comparison."

Mrs Blog and I have been driving down from New Hampshire for a number of years. The Boston area alumni have been driving to Amherst for forty years. Many Boston area fans even have season tickets to basketball and hockey. Welcome to how the rest of the world lives.


You knew the Boston Globe had to have a negative article about the move somewhere and Derrick Z. Jackson supplies one. He gets his facts wrong, but what the heck.


Off topic, but worth noting. Massachusetts social note: two stabbed at baby shower brawl. Jack and Jill showers are never a good idea...


Anonymous said...

it should be interesting to see what UMass does for recruiting visits... I dont think you can drive 2 hours to show potential recruits your stadium... i guess a video with tours will have to do??

schools like uconn and temple who play off campus def take the recruits to see the stadium but i think 2 hours might be a little crazy

Anonymous said...

Derrick Jackson has been a broken record for many years.

Anonymous said...

It's not about it being a 2hr drive for people. It's about it being 2hrs FROM CAMPUS! None of those schools mentioned play that far away from their own campus. Vautour is looking dumber and dumber the more articles he has about this.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain what the 100 yard club is, I asked when renewing my season tickets and they couldn't tell me. I contribute to the athletic association and the Friends of UMass Football how is this different?

Brooks Rownd said...

FYI, "the rest of the world" does not play their "home" games 100 miles from campus.

Anonymous said...

everyone needs to quit whining about gilette. THERE WAS NO WAY THIS COULD HAPPEN WITHOUT MOVING TO GILLETTE. McGuirk is not a D1 FBS stadium, we also don't really have the ability to build a new stadium ANYWHERE seeing as we area state institution. The state already doesn't fund UMASS to level that it should,you think they will fund a brand new top of the line D1 stadium?

Moving to Gilette actually lessens the cost to the state, we not only get one of the best stadiums in the country RENT FREE, but Bob Kraft and the Patriots are the ones that will be doing all the maintenance on this stadium. Maybe years from now when we have over 100 million in endowments from former Football Players who went to the NFL we could build a stadium. But not likely before that.

Anonymous said...

The situation in Amherst can't be compared to other rural footall places like Lincoln, Nebraska or Norman, Oklahoma. We are in Western Mass which is rural but in a pro sports area that is unique to the others mentioned. We have a relatively poor fan base and the students are non-existant at football and basketball games. You have to think outside the box on this one cuz it is well "unique"! I'm not saying it will work in Foxboro but it is our only chance to make it work! With Bob Kraft watching over(who doesn't like losers) the athletic dept will be under more pressure to win and thats a good thing! Time will tell though . . .