Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday --April 23, 2011

The UMass Spring Game is seven days away and it's snowing briskly here in Jaffrey this morning.


UMass football has new offices! Check out the story UMass website and the Youtube video. It reveals details of the renovations to McGuirk and the proposed new UMass field house.

The new offices a big jump up from the current offices known by the players and coaches as "the bunker".

Great start to UMass' move to FBS!

Matty V. has more on the new offices. He says possible OOC FBS opponents include Florida, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M and BYU.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ says UMass football must not move away.


Central Michigan's AD Dave Heeke comments on the addition of UMass to the MAC (page 2).


Thorr Bjorn talks about Rhode Island's move to the NEC.

Moving down is not without its risks too. See this quote from the above article:"A similar move does not make sense at URI, where some people question whether it makes sense to play football at all."

The Northeast Conference was 14th and last in FCS attendance in 2010 averaging just 2,343 fans/game. NCAA conference stats here. With those kind of numbers, you have to wonder if this is just a stage in a slow demise of Ram football.



Anonymous said...

I think that there needs to be a plan in place that articulates when UMass will return to the campus. If Gillette averages 20,000 a game for the next four years, what's the big deal? This is shortsighted.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to step up and donate $$$$ TO umass FOOTBALL? If they announced the program would be eliminated people would calling for blood!! I plan on giving five figures. Everyone -everyone should at least by season tix and give them away if you don't plan to use. UMASS fans never give and always wait for a "Jack Welch" type to step up. It won't happen until they see that the masses step up in their own way 1st.

Anonymous said...

it must be nice to have so much money to give "5 figures". as close as I can get to giving 5 figures is if you count two digits after the decimal point. Not that easy when we are funding an out of state student at 28K a year at UMASS and funding another student back home "in state".
Now we can also factor in $100.00 a tank of gas to drive to Beantown to watch a game? Sure hope Channelsurfing gets the game feeds.

Anonymous said...

your a putz if you can't afford $70 for a season ticket.