Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday--April 22, 2011

Matty V. looks at the upgrade's impact on the 2011 season.


The Boston College Bog "BC Interupted" is against an annual series with UMass. My opinion has alway been there is plenty of media attention available for everybody. A good New England three-way rivalry between UConn, BC and UMass would good for all three programs. Granted, right now, it would benefit the Minutemen the most, but increased attendance at Boston College and UConn would benefit them too.

My feeling is that for the average football fan, it's like pretty girls at a beach: more is better.

BTW, SB Nation comments on the BC Interrupted blog post.

Quote from the Obsessed with Sports website:

"From a student fan-base perspective, one of the best parts of college football rivalries is having a victory of your buddies school. A healthy dose of Boston College, UConn and UMass football will create a much bigger buzz in the respective local markets."


UMass' move is going to make ripples in the CAA. Two stories on the effect on UNH Football here and here.

Old Dominion will not be interested in playing UMass during the transitional year.


The UMass Daily Collegian has more on the move to FBS' impact on UMass' women's sports.


UMass' arrival in the MAC will probably hasten the league's divisional realignment.

Ball State's AD says UMass is a good pickup for the MAC.


There have been a lot of activity in the comments section about upgrading McGuirk. My feeling is our top home field need is a complete upgrade of our field house and practice facilities. Delaware, a FCS team, has two artificial surface practice fields. UMass football sometimes practices on the mall in front of the stadium when other teams use the stadium...

I'd do a minimual upgrade on McGuirk. The type and size of the stadium we might need in 2016 could be different than what we think we might need at this stage of the upgrade.


Proud UMass Alum said...

That BC article is exactly why everyone who has no direct tie to the school very strongly dislikes it. I will not use the word hate, but outside of BC alumni and their families, no one else real has an affection to that school because of the "holier than thou" attitude they carry. What makes BC so great anyways, it is a wannabe Notre Dame.

Vetteson said...

Reestablishing a regional rivalry (with UConn and BC) will go a long way to help attendance. Remember, UMass used to play both schools and beat them in front of capacity crowds. The biggest, most boistrous crowds I've ever seen at UMass home games involved those two schools. Akron and Buffalo are not going to foster any rivalries with UMass and likewise will attract few fans on a cold, rainy Thursday evening in November at Foxborough. I believe that UMass should make an effort to get UConn and/or BC on the schedule as frequently as possible.

Anonymous said...

I feel badly for UNH and UMaine; Villanova is not long for the conference, and what was once the best conference in the FCS is now a remnant. The costs for these schools to continue playing in the CAA will rise significantly. It would make sense for them to either join the Patriot or Northeast. I'm sure that the NEC would love to have either or both.