Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tuesday -- April 5, 2011

The Spring 2011 roster is up.


Thanks to all the sharp eyed roster checkers who found some changes I missed.

Tyler Holmes and Thad McCummings were named MVP's of UMass' third practice.

McCummings is 5-10 210. Will he be UMass' starting fullback this year?


The Daily Collegian has a story on UMass' Pro Day and 2011 football schedule.



Anonymous said...

from the Topp Row Sec 16

Nice to see the spring roster coming about. One possible deletion (or could be injury or school related) was the Fr RB Delaney from Foxboro. Big player w/ a great HS record. Hope he is still around but these kinds of things do happen.

The other possible interesting addition is # 97 LB Carlito Weaver.

This might be Carlito Weaver from Brockton who played at Framigham St a season ago. Not too likely that their are a lot of college age athletes named Carlito Weaver. If it is him well he pretty much was the Framigham St defense and piled up some huge numbers. Was pretty obvious he could play at a higher level. He also did well at Brockton too.

Looking forward to the spring game. Hopefully the weather by then will not include SNOW !!!

UMass74 said...

Top Row is right as usual.

Carlito Weaver transfers to UMass

Anonymous said...

The way I see it maybe this forcucci guy is a blessing. I really don't see anyway he can be worse then dudz. Looks like he brings some new energy we didn't have before.

Anonymous said...

Another notable missing besides Delaney is Kumar Davis, DB
who played a lot!

Anonymous said...

from A UMass Fan

Carlito was on the roster last year. Also Delaney quit right at the beginning of the season last year. Truthfully I don't think either of them will/would have made an impact. Carlito was mostly at LB in scout and we're stacked there. Stanley Andre got reserve time as a true freshmen, Chad Hunte is a grinder who has all conference potential, Adeoba has a good player too who has shined at times along with Mcyintyre. And as everyone knows Tyler Holmes is back king of the FCS.

As for Delaney, the RB rotation was packed as it was and he was dead last on the depth chart not counting walk ons. With the addition of Burns, Delaney would have been behind Hernandez, Burns, Smith, and at least Williams. The incoming RB trio all look solid and Delaney did not look like he would prosper here. He was an outstanding high school player, but the level he played at is a big difference from the CAA. I know his conference has produced some D1 talent but he was not quick enough for football here and needed to bulk up a lot more.

I'm very excited for all the new WRs this year. I wish we could have pulled in Butler from USC, but I think we did a good job for getting WRs especially at the high school level. I think if we get solid QB play, we have all the tools to make a run at the CAA title this year. Our defense can only improve since we basically returned everyone except Flanagan (KeMon was hurt almost the entire season). Looking forward to seeing Byrne get back into the mix also. The kid has great size and strength and makes an instant impact on the DL.

Anonymous said...

Another addition is Ryan Campbell
# 13 DB Xfer from Mississippi, so
all five mid year Xfers are on board.

Anonymous said...

from the Topp Row swc 16 to UMass Fan

Well usually we keep a eye out on the roster for any changes or other developments. If C weaver was listed on the 2010 roster it mustve been for a short time. Otherwise up in the Topp Row we wouldve broken out our Bushnell 8x25's and spotted this. Just the same we note that C Weaver last played at Framingham in -we're pretty sure- 2009 and was not found on other rosters in 2010 despite some good rumors.

Up high on the sunny side we hope he works out well at UMass. His past has shown he is a good kid who takes advantages of the stuations he is in. Has a good nose for finding the ball.

My Topp Row prognosticators thought that Delaney would have been very suited to take over for Emil Igwenagu. IOW another UMass big bask who can work out well as a H Back. Up in th top row on offense we really like OLinemen and FB's and H Backs. We really like when we run th ball like we did against BillnMary and Josh Samuda at RG and S Milhilm at RT w/ the Vlad lookalike at LT and either Oz or the big Nova transfer at LG. Will also have Dima available at a few spots.

Anonymous said...

as far as the deletionms from the roster goes well we hope this is temporary and these players will be back. College football takes a big commitment and those that can manage this and doing well in school are to be commended.

Up in the top roww we have a rule that we cheer for UMass and do not cheer against anyone else. Makes it all a lot more fun. Too bad some other fans of other schools (eg Rhody home fans and Del fans anywhere) cannot do the same.

Anyone able to offer what took the big DT K Byrne out of the lineup for the last part of the season. We really thought he did well when he was in there. A real disruption for other teams offenses. Hope he is back up to speed soon.

We would offer our respectful disagreement over Franks analysis oover how our DLine played. Heard it once and wholeheartedly agree. Numbers lie and people lie worse than numbers do and people with a lot of numbers lie worst of all. Not saying at all in any way shape or form that Frank lied on his analysis over our DLine. would rather offer that a lot of these numbers can be made to say what you'd like them to say. Up in the topp row we would say it would be better for us to see our LB's and safeties leading our team in tackles. we'd also like to see where any of the tackles are made. We would like to see the team defense be much better statistically than have some of this kind of reporting.

Again do not mean any disrespect or anything like that but would instead offer a well intentioned disagreement.

Looking forward to the spring game and having the team perform like we would expct them to.

Anonymous said...

from A Umass Fan

the top row has always made good points and I agree with him almost every time. Rumor was that Bynre was ineligible for games. I won't state why because it was not reported so this post would probably be deleted instead of posted. I think Weaver is a good player to have on the team a hard working blue collar player that can make guys better especially in practice. The best case scenario I can see for him is a notch under James Carven. He could be an impact on special teams but probably won't crack the defensive lineup no matter the package on the field.

With Delaney I just felt his frame was too thin. Emil is built like a brick house and had a solid frame in high school. Delaney had the same height, but did not have much room whatsoever to gain weight. His frame would be more comparable to a shorter Julian Colaruso.

I am excited for Danska. When Frank first posted his Youtube video I noticed one important thing. Speed. Danska looks like he can do some great things in open space and has great acceleration. I'm not expecting Anthony Nelson numbers but I think he can be a solid contribution.

The D Line is has a lot of room for concern. We must have one of the smallest D Lines in the FCS (at least compared to the upper tier of FCS) especially with Flannagan gone. I believe the there are two important things that will help us this year. The young guns have a lot of experience since basically all of them received playing time last year. Also Charles Thompson will be ready for the beginning of the season with Byrne hopefully being able to stay in the lineup all season. I believe these two will play a major role along with Courtney Jackson and Galen Clemmons on the D Line.

The Top Row hit it right on the button about our O Line. It's just monstrous. I believe we can move teams at will on the ground and have the RBs to do it. I'm just concerned with the future of the O Line in a couple years, especially since we did not sign a single OL for this year's class. I think Samuda, Milhilm, and Sales all have legit All CAA capabilities this year. There's nothing better than punching a team in the mouth through the ground game.

Anonymous said...

ummm Umass signed 4 olineman

Anonymous said...

Name the 4 OL that will be freshmen. They signed one DT and thats it. we're talking about this class that will be coming in the summer. The past year they had 3. Skoog Kahale and Young. Only Young is a scholarship kid. The other two will probably never play significant time.

Anonymous said...

ummmm 4