Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday--April 13, 2011

OK, up here in Wells, ME I do have a pretty good wireless connection. No e-mail, however.


The UMass website has a story with video on the 5th practice MVP's. The defensive MVP's were defensive backs Antoine Tharpe and Christian Birt. Tight end Rob Blanchflower and WR Tom Gilson were the offensive honorees.


The CAA has released its official composite schedule. CAA teams play ten FBS teams and should have a shot at a couple of upsets.

Rivals has the 2011 biggest FCS-FBS mismatches.


Next year Drake will play an exhibition game in Moshi, Tanzania


More comment on the Big East-Villanova situation: one blogger says the "Philly media are already smearing Pitt and Rutgers." The Boston Globe says the Big East has growing pains.


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BleedFootball said...

Been following umass for some time now... hope they do will this year