Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday --- April 11, 2012

Bulletin, bulletin, bulletin: Villanova has delayed it's decision to join the Big East.  This probably does not make the UMass brain trust very happy as there have been several scenarios floated about UMass' conference affiliation depending on Villanova's Big East jump. I would think this will further delay UMass' announcement.

As I have said before, I don't think the Wildcats have the facilities, resources or fan base for a BCS conference.


The UMass website has a story about James Ihedigbo being named NHF humanitarian of the year.


The Herald News has a story about Greg Niland's quest for the NFL.


Sports Illustrated takes an in-depth look at Delaware's Pat Devlin.


The CAA blogger is running spring game recaps. First up is Richmond.


New Hampshire has a new defensive coordinator.



Anonymous said...

from up in the Topp Row Sec 16

Well we think that Nova deciding to wait on any Big East decision is a good one for us.

If we have an opportunity to go to the Big East we should grab it. The MAC is not a bad idea but it is not a really good one either. No one in the MAC is a natural rival and hate to say it but no team is a big one for us to build a rivalry with. IF - and that is a big IF-Temple stays in the MAC sure they would be good but beyond them really no one in the conference is a real good match for us. Not saying at all that a lot of the teams are not good because they are but need to play teams we have something in common with.

At the same time we could have regularly scheduled games w/ UConn, Rutgers and Syracuse as well as a lot of other teams like West Virginia that we have competed against previously. We would also likely get games w/ BC.

Would seem like a very good time to take advantage of the situation and try to go to the BIG EAST.

Up in the Top Roww we have always liked being in the 1AA but if going D 1 is the master plan then we do not think we should go to a stepping stone conference and instead should go for the Big East - which seems like the destination choice anyways.

Looking forward to seeing folks at the spring game

Anonymous said...

Topp Row- time to get some new glasses. If UMASS stays in the CAA it will be playing club football within 5 years. This is no longer a decision-it is all or nothing. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the spring game. But am very disappointed in how little promotion and fundraising for UMASS football. Open up a fund for D1 and let people put their money where their mouth is. Instead we hear are crickets from all our so called leaders in Amherst.

Rob said...

Topp Row, there is no chance in hell the Big East invites us. There is nothing for them to gain. We have a poor excuse for a stadium and a largely apathetic fan base. The only way to get there is incrementally.

Second commenter, why would they start fund-raising before a move is official? Any gift made that was restricted to a FBS upgrade would have to be returned if these talks fall through. Talk about a PR nightmare. When the upgrade is made you should expect some fund-raising initiatives.

UMass74 said...

As I have said "n" number of times, the Big East is never, never, never going to cold call us. We have nothing to offer at this time.

If we have a winning FBS program (MAC or CUSA) then we are in a position to make a move when the Big East ejects the Catholic basketball schools.

It is pure fantasy that a BCS league is going to call a I-AA school. The ratings of the UMass-Michigan game show we have a market to sell, but we have to have the basics.