Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday--April 19, 2011

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Special thanks to former UMass star Brad Anderson for giving me a heads-up about Alex Miller being added to the staff at UNH. Miller joins the Wildcats' coaches after a stint with Oregon.


The CAA blogger has recaps from the Delaware and William & Mary spring games.


This article says the Villanova-Big East denouement may not come until summer.


The NCAA as a new rule on taunting that has the potential to take points off  the board.


Boston College is this year's FBS game and the Boston Herald has a report from the Eagles' spring game.


Scott said...

Can someone please explain why "taunting" is so bad? Yeah it's kinda classless sure but so are lots of things. It's FOOTBALL! C'mon!

Anonymous said...

Football Press Conference tomorrow at 3:30

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww Sec 16

Well if the Cleveland Plain Dealer is correct on Wed 4/20 we will be making the jump to the MAC in 2012.

will be interesting to see if this is accurate and if so all of the details.

nes said...

Big announcement tomorrow at Gillette. I think the selection of Gillette as the venue tells us everything about the announcement. Get your checkbooks out everyone!

Anonymous said...

Special announcement tomorrow from Gillete Stadium!! What conference are we in?!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great move for the program. However does the recent moves of dudzinski and falbo indicate that a change in staff is looming. I wouldn't call the last two years a success. Could we be upgrading the staff as well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you have a nose for the ball/staff. It is clear that Coach Morris main guys are not feeling that their fate is secure in Amherst. It makes absolutely no sense that they would not want to be part of this move to FBS. I hope the team can put together some wins in 2011. After losing so many ket guys from his staff it will be tough. Frankly, they left him holding the bag and it will be a challenge to work with so many new coaches. His results on the field have not been there but he has worked his tail off to bring the alumni & fans closer back to the program.

Go UMass!