Saturday, April 09, 2011

Saturday--April 9, 2011

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Green and White Report has a story on Vladimir Ducasse's off-season efforts to improve.


TSN's Craig Haley looks at FCS NFL draft risers and fallers.


The Richmond Spiders will hold their Spring Game today.


More information about Tuesday's decision by Villanova on moving to the Big East.



Anonymous said...

from a UMASS Fan

found another Ducasse article


UMass74 said...

link to article above

Anonymous said...

from a umass fan

Heard there are going to be a lot more shake ups in the coaching staff announced soon. All on offense including recruiting coordinator Guido Falbo.

Anonymous said...

"plain vanilla d" we ran man free and man blitzes all year and got roasted by the end of the season. Just looked vanilla because no one on our team got any pressure at all and d-backs were too inexperienced and not talented enough to handle man. Birt, Lee, Thellan, could handle man coverage and were often exposed. Even Kemon (injured) and other frosh corner were exposes by too much man. In 1aa if u play zone enough and keep big plays from happening most of the quarterbacks (Devlin, Whitney, and Tolman excluded) will make mistakes on their own. Glad dudd is gone.