Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday-- April 25, 2011

The Boston Globe, as many long time UMass fans know, rarely strikes a positive note when it comes to UMass Athletics. The Globe has an editorial that, for them, strikes the usual ambivalent note: "Krafting a better UMass football team".


Other papers.

Attleboro Sun "Good News for UMass and Foxboro".

Sun-chronicle columnist Mark Farinella predicts failure and worries about traffic and hordes of drunken UMass students.

CBS3 has coverage of the move.

Ron Chimelis has more on the possible renovations to McGuirk and also mentions parking will be free at Gillette.

A blog by "College Football Zealots" weighs in on the Minutemen's move.


BTW, no January 1st bowl games this year.


The UMass women's lacrosse team, who will receive additional scholarships from the UMass football move, completed their first ever undefeated conference slate.


More CAA spring game recaps from the CAA Blogger.


Some recruiting news tomorrow. It will be interesting to see when UMass gets it's first FBS recruit.


Anonymous said...

i think with the only way Kraft makes money from this deal being his portion of the revenue, that he will do something to help boost the attendance numbers. Maybe including a season ticket package to UMASS home games for patriots season ticket holders. I don't think he is going to do this and not allow himself to make the most money possible

vetteson said...

Before we all get excited about recruits bear in mind that the MAC and the CAA have very similar recruiting histories. If you look at the current recruits for the eastern MAC teams you will see mostly 2-star players. These teams attract 2-3 3-star players and that's about it. Only Toledo (MAC-west) has a single 4-star.

Anonymous said...

Stars make absolutely no difference.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if UMASS will be showing the spring game online?