Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday--April 27, 2011

Ron Chimelis says you can question the plan, but not the motives.

WWLP looks at the "home" field advantage.

More pissy commentary from the Globe.

A UMass fan tries to reason with the Sun Chronical's Mark Farinella. Some UMass fans with strong stomachs should reply to the Globe. Don't expect much response, however.

Meanwhile, UConn says they are not worried.


Craig Haley looks at FCS NFL draft prospects. He notes that FCS NFL draft numbers have been steadily shrinking over recent years. Last year there were 19 FCS players chosen. It looks like this year there will be even less.

For a long time FCS schools, especially the HB colleges provided a steady stream of NFL talent. Probably the growing dominance of the BCS schools accounts for the talent decline in the rest of college football.


More recruiting news tomorrow as UMass offers to a big LB.


TopUMassFan said...

I've been pretty quite during the past week so I guess I might as well share some thoughts as well.

To Mr. Pierce, you are correct; we are not Alabama but we do want to continue playing football. The ONLY way to assure that happening was to make the move up. Unfortunately, the Yankee Conference is dead and so is the CAA North. BTW, Mr. McCucheon isn't the President of UMass.

To all the nay-sayers at BC and UConn all I have to say is this: what are you afraid of? If your so good, schedule us and kick are butts. You won't do it on a regular basis because you are afraid. And a 2-for-1 in both your favors? No way! What has BC done besides choke and I seem to recall UConn taking some lumps when they moved up. Regional rivalries will ONLY ENHANCE ALL 3 programs.

To the WMass and Amherst fans that did attend on a regular basis, I'm sorry home games will be in Foxboro. I live on the Northshore and travel 2 hours to each home game and 2 hours home. I make a day of it and IT'S GREAT! I hope you will choose to do the same.

To the student body, you should have come inside McQuirk instead of only making it to the parking missed a lot of great moments in your University's history! Hopefully, in a few years some of the home games will return to campus.

Go UMass, Go MAC and let's tear-up the CAA one more time this year!

Anonymous said...

What time is the spring game on saturday? Any weather reports yet?

Anonymous said...

Charles Pierce is one of a long line of reasons the Globe should have folded two years ago.