Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday--April 21, 2011

UMass has the press release about the move to the MAC up including video of the entire press conference.

A news search on "UMass football" produced over 400 stories this morning :)

The Boston Globe says Mr. Kraft rose to the occasion.

The Boston Herald has UMass goes deep and move to Gillette boosts big time hopes.

The national media has coverage including USA Today and ESPN.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer says the marriage of UMass and the MAC is a winner----for now.

Matty V. says UMass officials related that the move reflected a sober look at UMass finances.

Matty reports on the potential impact on UMass women's sports.

Chancellor Holub said the upgrade could not have happened if it were not for Gillette.

The news caused a little grinding of the teeth in UConn land (read last paragraph).


I'll have a lot more to say about the move and the future of UMass football in later blog posts. It's been a busy week here at the blog and I have not had time to write much in the way of commentary. Hope to have some thoughts ready to go by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

here is your poll question:)what will the attendence be for umass'spring maroon white scrimmage;now that the big day has arrived ??? i'll let you put in the numbers.

vetteson said...

After a long hiatus while we were kept in suspense I am trying to now read between the lines of this freshly announced "merger" with Mr. Kraft. I doubt he has done this simply out of the kindness of his heart. Will he suspend the $40 parking fee for UMass games? Will he be selling beer to students? (otherwise stay off 90 after the game) Will hotdogs be less than $5? What will tickests cost and will at least 15,000 EMass fans go to every home game? I doubt more than a few thousand WMass will go.

Anonymous said...

Kraft is a trustee for BC; I think he will have some influence in the scheduling of games between UMass and BC, which has already indicated a likely 2 and 1 arrangement in the next few years. Seems likely that an in-state rivalry is going to be created whether BC fans like it or not. Zimbalist, the economist at Smith College, fails to understand the implications of branding and how UMass is being marketed in a progressive "package" to the UMass community--and to the Commonwealth. The MAC is not the end of the road for the University; it will prove a stepping-stone to The Big East or even the ACC, but only after years of cultivating a fan base, establishing a state-of-the-art, on-campus stadium (check out the universities of Noth Texas, FAU, and Houston--all of which have stunning new on-campus facilites currently in the process of being completed in the next year, all public universties, and all constructed for approximately 160 million), which will figure prominently in an identity that will eventually propel the University to national prominence. The MAC will not be instrumental in this pursuit, but the elevation of the program, through concerted and methodical planning, is the aim. It will likely take a twenty to twenty-five year commitment, but if this means an elevation in stature, as BC has well realized (evolving from a commuter school to a nationally-ranked institution in the last thirty-five years), then the board of regents clearly understand the risks associated with the move, but also how maintaining the program an an FCS school, has a been a less than zero-sum gain. Football is very expensive and UMass understands the cost, the associatd risks, and the long-term benefits. UMass should be the state team, and the pieces that have fallen into place have been too good to pass on. I, for one, am not looking forward to the commute to Gillette, but that's a great place to see a game. It will prove Canterbury-esque. I wonder if Mr. Zimbalist has been to Gillette on a perfect fall evening?
Go UMass! (from an alum, an economist)

Anonymous said...

Akron and FIU also replaced old stadiums with brand-new facilities, funded largely through alumni donation and bonds; both are public institutions.

Anonymous said...

I hope the bandwagon umass alums that haven't seen a game in 20 years don't influence any decisions on the program. This year is big for the staff but morris is an up and coming guy in the coaching ranks. Coach piccuci is a division 1 offensive coordinator and very up and coming coach. He could be at a higher level as a position coach. We are going to be good next year and I hope people see this staff is good.

Anonymous said...

Morris deffinately has a chance to keep his post as HC. In a transition year with "nothing to play for" if he leads the team to a strong season he will get a chance to see the team enter the 2012 season and beyond. Picucci is deffinately capable of being a FBS offensive coordinator and could probably coach at any level. If the defense rallies around the new system and someone steps up at QB the minutemen should be in store for a good season.

Anonymous said...

On the last post. I hope umass does very well next year but to say coach picucci is a d1 coach is laughable. Coach morris is a great guy but up and coming I question. I also question why so many coach3s left the staff knowing that this announcement was coming. It will be interesting. Anyway. Go umass!!

Anonymous said...

Picucci laughable? Played 5 years for him. Best coach on staff hands down. Tough but knows a lot of football. Both sides

Anonymous said...

Teams and Players Piccuci coached are proof in the pudding. Great coach. period

UMass74 said...

I would like to remind everyone I routinely moderate comments aimed at players personal lives, grades and other gossip.

I let a little more go with the coaches because they're adults and getting paid. But, if you're family, friends or players of the coaches, you should know that I routinely stop really mean-spirited or off the wall posts, usually at least once a day. On the critical comments I do let go, I figure most UMass fans are knowledgeable enough to ignore or shake their heads at the goofier ones.