Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday--April 18, 2011

Frank Sousa of recalls John "Doc' Enos. John Enos won a letter in UMass football in 1957.


Ron Chimelis has a story featuring UMass QB Kellen Pagel, who transferred to the Minutemen from Bowling Green.


USC's Ed Oregeron on the benefits of morning practices.


Josh Buchanan has the NFL buzz on a number of FCS players.



Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Andrew Krevis and Kumar Davis are not listed on the spring roster?

Anonymous said...

From a UMass Fan

Krevis is out of eligibility. He did a great job in double tight end formations and will be replaced by blossoming Rob Blanchflower. Kumar Davis has been removed from the team. I'm not sure why but I hope it all works out and he's back on the field.

I'm very excited to see which incoming freshmen push for time right away. I think at least one WR and TE will not redshirt. We are bringing in great RBs, but also already have strong depth there with Hernandez Burns(Pitt Transfer) and Jamar Smith. We didn't bring in any OL, but I assume we should have a solid OL class the year before. Westcarr was suppose to be a promising recruit and has shown his brute strength in the UMass videos. His lack of appearance on the field must mean that either his speed, fundamentals, understanding of blocks, or a combination of them are lacking. I hope we can get that big body going soon.

Anonymous said...

krevis graduated

Anonymous said...

what do you mean Umass didnt bring in Oline? 3 Oline signed Umass "fan"

Anonymous said...

Thanks; hopefully, Kumar will be back on the field in the summer. Good assessment of the team. I think that one if not two of the TEs will play immeadiately. QB? What happened to the LB from Missouri? Has he left school?

Anonymous said...

from a UMass Fan

I'm sorry I just rechecked we are bringing in two maybe three one is a dline oline combo guy that could play either or. Sorry about that.