Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday--January 29, 2011

Ron Chimelis has an article on the five mid-year transfers to UMass.


If we are still in the market for big WR's, USC's 6-4 195 pd  Brice Butler is looking to transfer to a FCS school. Butler was All-Everything in HS.


TSN's Craig Haley says Montana State has been giving Montana hard time in recruiting lately.



Anonymous said...

I think morris knows this is it for him if he doesnt make the playoffs. the mentality of lets win now with transfers would say it. Overall I like the philosophy.

Anonymous said...

cant make playoffs if they go 1A. Have you been paying attention?

Anonymous said...

were going to the MAC, they just can't really announce anything till september(when the moratorium ends on moving up) In reality its an advantage for us to not get an invite till then, The more time it takes to get an invite the longer kids from current d-1 FBS schools can take to transfer to us. Then when we do move up they won't lose any eligibility.
We can't go to the playoffs, but we can't fire Morris. In the current state of economic affairs, the state would not sign off on firing Morris because they don't wanna buy out his contract

Anonymous said...

they wont join the mac next year.

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter if they wont join next year once we announce we are leaving we will be ineligible for playoffs. You can appeal that situation if you are say a top ranked team that would have been in the playoffs, but the FCS brass doesn't really want us to leave because if we leave essentially UNH and Maine are screwed and will likely drop down to the NEC or something