Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recruiting 2011--Chase Danska

Danska #11, Alex Baranda image
The website for Diablo Valley JUCO is reporting that Chase Danska, a 6-0 187 pd WR from Pleasant Hill, CA has transferred to UMass.

Danska was the leading receiver at Diablo Valley: 10 games 46-663 3 TD's 67 LONG 66.3 YDS/G 14.4 YDS/catch.

He also had kick returns for 9-159 37 LONG 17.67 YDS/return.

Rushed 28-160 2 TD's 36 LONG 16.0 YDS/carry

Diablo Valley is Kyle Havens old school.

Danska was a HS QB, but was All-State after switching to WR at Diablo Valley.

2010 highlight video here.

Thanks to the anonymous commenter that brought this to my attention.


Anonymous said...

Im not seeing an sense of urgency from kevin morris at all here. two losing seasons and nothing has changed. Position coaches on this staff have under acheived in a major way the last two seasons and have been a complete no show in recruiting with two weeks left beofre signing day. Im just shocked not one coach was held accountable in two years since morris has taken over as coach. hes making a good salary.

Anonymous said...

Since when did 6-5 become a losing season, because that's new news to me. Also, I come on here to read Frank's very informant articles about what's in the works with the team and I feel like it's nothing but negativity. Yea, things didn't work out this season the way us fans wanted it to, but News Flash they were a couple plays away from playoffs. By the way I was reading some of these comments I would have thought UMASS went 0-11. Morris needs time to show off his recruits, in my opinion every coach should be granted that privilege. There are some very talented red shirt freshmen that are about to step into Big Roles, not to mention the True Freshmen that already did last year. This team is a very young,dynamic,speedy team. I just think that next year around this time we won't be having this conversation to get rid of Morris and the coaching staff. In fact I feel like it will be the complete opposite of how good he did recruiting those guys the past few years.

Anonymous said...

as a college coach your shouldnt get more than 3 years to show progress. this is his third lets see what he does. brown and whipple set the bar high and this isnt rhode island. playoffs or go home coaches.

Anonymous said...

Very,very,very well said

Anonymous said...

the poster might be biased but hes right. morris is a highly paid coach with a great salary, radio shows, camps, clinics. if he cant get a team to the playoffs in the caa in three years its time to go. the fact that he is not holding coaches accountable is his call.

Anonymous said...

Hill is going to be Morris's Golden Ticket to keep him safe and secure. I also agree that a 3 year term for a coach is a good time slot. It's kind of like Rich Rodriguez with Michigan they gave him his time and he didn't produce, so he was out.

UMass74 said...

OK, enough with coaches thread. Coach Morris and his staff are our coaches and deserve our support. Negative rants do not help the program.

If you just want to fulminate, the proper venue is a message board.