Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recruiting 2011--Anddy Moas

The SunSentinel reports that Anddy Moas, a 6-6 322 pd OL from West Broward, FL has verbaled to the Minutemen.

Article here.

Moas played in the Miami-Dade Vs Broward All-Star game.

Image link here.

Thanks to the reader who alerted me.


Anonymous said...

In the pictures it he looks like he is a lot htinner than 320+lbs. Maybe the pictures are deceiving but I just don;t see him weighing that much.

Anonymous said...

he is 6'4 295shli

Anonymous said...

hes in high school, wait till the stregth and conditioning program kicks in at umass. he will be 300 plus.

Anonymous said...

Actually for everyones information he is 6'4' and weighs about 280. He is muscle built on mucsle and is a darn good football player. And he is darn good at UMASS right now