Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday---Jan 7,2011

Tyler Holmes finished 5th in the Buch Buchanan Award voting.

Stephen F. Austin Jeremy Moses won the Walter Payton.


The Baltimore Sun has a story about Matt Lawrence connecting Randy Edsell with the Terps.


The CAA hopes to gain some clarity from tonight's FCS summit at the National Championship game.


The Norwich Bulletin says UConn should try for Mike Leach or Rich Rodriguez rather than Mark Whipple (BTW good luck with that).


Delaware meets the media at the National Championship game.

The National Championship game will be tonight on ESPN2. If your cable system does not have the game, it will also be online at ESPN3.


I watched the bowl last night. Miami of Ohio beat Middle Tennessee. It was a pretty good game. Both teams definitely had more talent than FCS squads.

If we join the MAC, UMass I think UMass fans will get to see some good football. The MAC does not have the semi-pro status of the SEC, but it will be an improvement over our current level.



Anonymous said...

Watched all 3 MAC teams who played in a bowl game. Each game was against a Sun Belt team. Last night was theMiami (MAC) vs Middle Tennessee (Sun Belt) game. Final Bowl score-Sun Belt 2 MAC 1. Top 3 MAC teams & top 3 Sun Belt teams played in a Bowl game.

Anonymous said...

4 MAC teams played in a bowl game. You're forgetting Northern Illinois's win over Mountain West-bound Fresno State. The two division winners in the MAC won their games. The co-champs of the Sun Belt beat the 3rd and 4th place MAC teams.

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with that voting. Holmes was one of the 3 finalists, which are the top 3 spots. How did he finish 5th?