Friday, January 21, 2011

Recruiting 2011-Karlos Bimba reports UMass is interested in Karlos Bimba, a 6-3 255 pd DE from Lackawanna CC.

Bimba's Rivals page here.

YouTube video highlights here.

Also interested is Duquesne.


Anonymous said...

we need to lock down some of these recruits. unh is creaming us in recruiting again.

Anonymous said...

How do you accomplish that when the administration fights you every step of the way? It's as if they want UMass football to fail. They won't let in great recuits because their "standards" are too high??? LOL! Give me a break! Better yet, give the coaching staff a break and help them out a little instead of setting them up for failure!

UMass74 said...

Where are you getting your information that "UNH" is creaming us?

ESPN has UMass with five recruits, three of them ranked. One three star and two with two stars.

UMass committs

ESPN has UNH with two recruits. One of them ranked two stars and one unranked.

Rivals has the same information. Two commits for UNH.

UNH commits

Show me some information.

Anonymous said...

I agree. That comment negatively comparing UNH's recruiting to ours is unfounded by any source of which I am aware. Sounds like a disgruntled fan looking to play the blame game.