Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Recruiting 2011--lars larsen

UMass is interested in Lars Larsen, a 5-7 185 pd athlete, from Don Bosco Prep, NJ.

He was just named First Team All-State. See my previous blog post.

Larsen had 85 tackles and 4 INT's in his senior season.


Anonymous said...

Frank- we are hearing the AD is a finalist for two jobs. One in the midwest and one in the west coast. Stay tuned for news next week. Talk about running out of a burning building.

Anonymous said...

Didn't our AD apply for a job last year? He doesn't have the experience to run a FBS (1A) Program so this is the best for both of us. We need an AD who has run an FBS (1A) Program and has had a working relationship with an Experienced FBS head coach. Forget about the assistant AD's. Forget about the assistant coaches. If he helps us move to a FBS Conference he will be remembered.