Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday---Jan 22, 2011

Matty Vautour features James Ihedigbo and his desire for a NFL career and and a championship for the Jets.


Two Iowa State players, one of them a former four star recruit, are seeking to transfer to a FCS school.


Villanova is polling public about its proposed move to the Big East. The Wildcats would be playing their home games off campus at PPL Park in Chester, PA.


Why it's good to have a college education II--------you get to interact with brilliant professors.

Study by University of Minnesota researchers shows people like to drink at sporting events.


Anonymous said...

Some FBS questions.
Interesting article about Villanova sending out an e-mail questionaire to see if they will get support to move to the BigEast. Is Villanova going to FBS?
Are we waiting for them to decide?
If the BigEast raids C-USA how does that effect us?
If the BigEast raids C-USA will C-USA in turn raid the Sun Belt or the MAC? Yes, I think so
Will the C-USA consider us, I don't think so.

The Eastern Time Zone conferences that we have a shot of joining in 2011 are the MAC and Sun Belt. I'll take either and think the Sun Belt is much better for us long term.

Anonymous said...

I drove 4.5 hours to watch Umass vs NH. I wouldn't drive 45 min. to see us paly any team in the MAC or Sun Belt, unless it were for a conference championship. From what I've seen and heard, I'm in the majority by far.
The reality is the NEC is a step down but a step forward for traditional fans.