Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday --Jan 10th, 2011

Boston College's Gene DeFilippo says he has doubts about an annual game with UMass if we move up, but seems to be open to a 2-for-one series. The Blog has no problems with that. We're the newbies. It'll take time, but if we can start playing BC and UConn regularly, that will be a big boost to the UMass football program.

The MAC plays eight league games, so there will be a minimum of 3 OOC games and some years four.

BTW, the MAC is guaranteed three bowl bids, with possibility of a fourth.


Auburn has canceled classes today. They say it's because of the weather, not because there might be some kind of event going on.

The Blog's sister, who lives in Eugene, sent me a Ducks hat. I had to promise to wear it today.

Former UMass assistant coach Jerry Azzinaro (1992-94,1997) will be coaching for Oregon today. He's an AIC grad, BTW.

Craig Haley says the sun shone on the Eastern Washington Eagles.


Kansas State QB Billy Cosh is transferring to JMU.



Anonymous said...

My choice would never to play BC again. This begging to BC 'please play us' has to stop. They are becoming insignificant or invisible in NE. The shoe is now on our foot - and if BC would like to play us - they should be told 1:1 and our game will be in Amherst. It is time for us to assume the mantle of The New England Team and leave BC behind. We should play an away game vs NH and a home game against a FBS AQ at the Patriots Stadium that will help our program. Soon we will have better facilities than BC and our own New England TV network. It is not to our advantage to play BC and doing so will hinder our growth.

Joe said...

Was the last poster on drugs? As much as I hate BC, I don't see UMass catching up to BC in terms of funding any time soon, especially in terms of athletics funding. Meaning their facilities are and will be better for a long time. And where did this fantasy about a New England TV network come from? Must be pretty strong stuff.