Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday--Jan 14th, 2011

UConn hired Paul Pasqualoni. Stamford Advocate here and here.

Matty V has some info about what may have happened.

Too bad about Whipple, he'll make an excellent FBS coach somewhere. His offense would have sold a lot of seats Rentchler Field.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ talks about UMass grad and curent Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum's continuing connection with the Minutemen. Note that the Jets Assistant General Manager Scott Cohen is another UMass Sports Management Alum.

If you are a non-UMass reader of the Blog, you should know that UMass has a nationally known Sports Management program at the Isenberg School of Management.The Isenberg School of Management is the Blog's old school, BTW.


Jeremy Horne has been signed (again) to the Kansas City Chiefs' reserve squad.



Anonymous said...

oh ya I could see whipple as an nfl ofensive coordinator. who wrote that???? Kevin Morris is headed to Michigan too.

MinuteFan said...

caestI've been reading comments like this about Mark Whipple for a few weeks and felt compelled to finally comment. Are some of these coming from ex players or coaches who had run-ins with Whipple? I don't know the details of any of those issues, but as a UMass fan here is what I do know.
Mark Whipple inherited the worst UMass team in history, coming off a 2-9 season. Fact, not opinion. In one season they were National Champions, in what had to be the most amazing rebuilding of a program in one year in FCS history, maybe in ANY division of college football. His teams were was not only good, but very exciting. He brought an aggressive play to win, don't play to "not lose" attitude to UMass. His teams were worth the drive I made from Boston every weekend to watch play.
I was lucky enough to be in Chattanooga that day in 1998. Like most, I gave them little to no chance against a Georgia Southern powerhouse that was not only undefeated, but virtually unchallenged all year. And when it was over and UMass had hung 55 points on them, it was the happiest day of my sports life. Incidentally, I was at the Boston Garden for the Bobby Orr "flying through the air goal" in 1970. Still, nothing topped that UMass victory over those totally obnoxious Georgia Southern fans and their cocky, overconfident team.
Say what you want about Whipple, but that's the only football national championship UMass has ever won, and with a move to FBS imminent, they only one they ever will win. Thank you, Mark Whipple!