Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday--jan 8, 2011

Well the Eastern Washington Eagles won the National Championship game last night by absolutely dominating the Hens in the fourth quarter. Bo Levi Mitchell picked apart Delaware's defense in the last fifteen minutes. On the second-to-last drive, the Hens tried rushing three and dropped everybody back. That didn't even slow Mitchell down. On the Eagles last scoring drive, Delaware tried dialing up the pass rush, and he was deadly accurate on the move. The missed extra point was probably not an issue as I believe the Eagles would have gone for two points and would have made it.

On defense, Eastern Washington collapsed the pocket on Devlin on almost every play in the fourth quarter. And so it was on the last play of the game. Devlin had to throw an inaccurate pass that might have brought the Hens into field goal range.

Delaware's athletic dept writeup

ESPN's writeup.


I missed the fact that former UMass assistant Ted Roof is the DC at Auburn. This article (at the end) talks about Roof vs Kelly back in the nineties. talks about Kelly's days in the Northeast (mentions UMass).


Matty V says Tyler Holmes will still be eligible for the Buck Buchanan award in 2011 because even if the Minutemen make the decision to go to FBS they'll still be playing a FCS schedule in 2011.


James Ihedigbo says the Jets are New York's team.



Anonymous said...

The game last night reminded me of how bad Umass defense was last year. We move the ball up and down the field on offense like no one else in 1AA.
Umass could have one the national championship with their offense, defense just horrible.

vetteson said...

An Anthology of Events Concerning UMass Football Fans and Joining the MAC………….

Traveling to away games will create an assortment of situations heretofore not encountered or experienced to any meaningful extent....

Johnny, hauling a load of sleeping undergrads, is trying to get to the Rubber Bowl before kickoff and is pushing his ’89 Caprice with 193000 miles when the dry, right front ball joint disintegrates, sending he and his companions into a ditch somewhere in the western New York frontier. Cows keep them company until a wrecker arrives.

Paul is driving his Explorer full of friends and family home after a close loss to Kent State and while arguing with his brother in the back seat that the fifth blocked field goal was actually the right decision misses the ramp for 90 East. Realizing his mistake, Paul pulls over, looks either way, and while his family is screaming at him to not do a u turn, Paul slams the overloaded SUV across the road and runs into a “No U Turn” sign. Paul decides to push on and figures he’ll just eat the repair bill.

On the return trip from a 12 to 9 win over the Buffalo Bulls, the weary, 76 year old bus driver nods off and the full bus sails into the center section of the highway, waking the driver and everyone else, but luckily stopping only feet from a sleeping state trooper.

Alicia and her friends were preparing for a long trip home from Peden Stadium, Athens, where her boyfriend and the UMass football team had just won in second overtime, when the potential for lake effect snow was forecasted. Patty, who was from the area, said that she knew a shortcut. But by the time they got to the short cut the snow was falling heavily, it was about dark, and the shortcut was now becoming a long cut. Driving in white out conditions and in the dark, Alicia plowed ahead, unaware that they had left the road hours earlier and were now driving through a meadow near the Pennsylvania border. They were reported missing the next day, but a farmer out collecting firewood soon found them huddled together and out of gas.

Anonymous said...

From an offensive standpoint I felt our offense was better than both teams last night. The style of offense eastern washington played might have scored 70 on our defense however. Morris is way to loyal to these guys, didzinksi should be gone.